May 10, 2010


Love is something divine
From the heavens above
To little heart it brings
Bliss, delight and peace

It asks for nothing but love
So dear, don’t let lust get you

Every inch on the thin skin
To enjoy lust asks for
A little space in the heart
To relish love asks for

Love never feeds violence
Lust grows and feeds violence

Love never ends in lust
Grows in affection and car
Lust may not end in love
Grows violence and hatred

Lust & Love, a difference
Just look for it

Don’t let lust get you
It will leave you
But the one you love doesn’t
As love is built in trust, lust isn’t

Written for May A-Z Challenge..!!!


Mayz said...


i have a vy different opinion abt this...

i think love stems from lust...its a part of it

Ms.Meduri said...


every1 has their own perceptions...thanks for sharing...!!

angel in disguise.... said...

a very cute blog indeed i love the way u have decorated it!:)
... and lust , go hand in hand..lust is momentary but love is eternal.

Ms.Meduri said...

@Angel in disguise

thank you dear..thanks for visiting my Land of Dreams...keep coming hope u have a great time...!!!