May 9, 2010


Souls of imaginations
to enter, he was invited
thoughts emerge
opinions roam
emotions felt

pleasured beauty around
stream passion to write
Telling hopes, destined dreams
He lived singing songs
Thy beauty of words

his adoration to life
spread wings like a glad bird
flew across the seas
world brought here
to our nation, India

I spread my wings
to fly high, amidst words
never aspire to reach
his feet, except to touch once
He is the King of Poetry

His name I hear
with pride I say
He is the best
he is an Indian...!!

On the occasion of Rabindranath Tagore's 150th Birthday, I would dedicate this post to the beauty of his words, the fine tune of his songs...!! I hold him preciously in the Shrine of my heart and respect him from the bottom of my heart..!!!

(25th day of the first month of Bengali Calender....Mr. Tagore's Birthday)


Preetilata【ツ】 said...

Tagore is my God. I worship him. i hv grown up reading him, listening to him and singing him. i cry with him, smile with him, live life with him.i take pride in the fact that i share my b'day with my God!!

as per ur poem is concerned. it's wonderful as always. :)

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

and he is not the poetry king. he is the god of every form of art and literature and many other things.

Ms.Meduri said...


thank you dear..!!!

Happy B'day to you too dear..!!

Ms.Meduri said...


rightly said dear, he is the God of art...!!!

Jeet said...

Tagore is one of my fav poets... N beautiful write up.. keep k good work going...

Ms.Meduri said...


thank you dear..!!!

Leo said...

i agree with preeti di, he's really king of all art i think..

good dedication to him Yami...

only visiting to Yami? grrr. why not mine?

Ms.Meduri said...


thanks dear..!!

yaar.. Preeti has come here after a long long time..!!!

Reflections said...

I have loved Tagore ever since I can remember...I have often taken refuge in his music and sort solace in every walk of life... Thank you for the dedication!!! it touched my heart.