May 6, 2010


Met an foreigner sitting beside me as I was reading a book along the pool. He was enjoying his last few minutes in India, as I knew he was leaving the next day.

"Hey John! how are you today??" I asked him closing my book and setting my bookmark in place.

"Hello Kripa. Am doing good dear, just enjoying the last minutes in your country" he replied, half smiling.

"So, how did you find India?" Abhi joined us.

"wow, Its a beautiful country. Different colors are found every where. The ancient history is still treasured. The culture, the traditions i read about in the books is still fresh and alive. Am honored to live in this country at least for a small time." he said recollecting every memory he has captured all along.

"Seems like you enjoyed the stay in India alot." I said smiling.
He just smiled ans Abhi aksed "So how did you find Indians??"

"Indians?? Who Indians?? I dint find any here" John answered, rather questioned. Abhi and I were puzzled. the smile had already vanished.

"Who else can you find in India??" abhi questioned.

"I found a Kashmiri in Kasmir, a Rajasthani in Rajasthan, a bengali in Bengal, a Tamilian in Tamil Nadu, a mallu in Kerala, a hyderabadi in Hyderabad." He continued.

"I also found a hindu, a muslim, a christian, a jain, a sikh. I also found some rich and many poor. But dear friends, I found no Indians here." he said and left.

Abhi and I were struck in embarrassment.

P.S.: Dear friends..think of true. we are all fighting everyday to live up our caste, our religion, the place we live..forgetting the country we belong to. So, please be an INDIAN...not anyone else living in India..!!!

Every time someone asks you "Who are you?"
Proudly answer "I AM AN INDIAN..!!!"

Written for May A-Z challenge..!!!


Being Pramoda... said...

hey sis.. very nice and inspiring article..Proud to be an Indian..)

Ms.Meduri said...


thank you di..!!

Proud to be an Indian too..!!

adreamygal said...

Very inspiring !!and I must admit yamini , this was the best " embarrassment " I have ever read ...I loveddd it ...Wonderful way of igniting patriotism ..:D

Ms.Meduri said...


thank you dear..!!!


Most inspring post. well written.


Ms.Meduri said...


thank you dear..!!

Sweta said...

very inspiring luk'ng 4 sm more such articles.....thanx....
frm an INDIAN""