May 2, 2010

The Three Hundredth Reverie

Friends (mine & hers too!), Dreamers (must!), Countrymen (or not), Lend me your eyes,
I come to celebrate a milestone, another big dream.

(William Shakespeare, please forgive me, I hope I shall not be sued by you when I get to heaven!)

Today, (11:55am on a very hot Sunday morning) as I begin to write put pen to paper on this (delayed by 12 hours) milestone post for one of my best (I’ve not met her yet, but that shouldn’t matter) friends, I’m really over the moon, happy to see her writing with such enthusiasm and desire. Last month, (don’t look at calendar now dears, it was April 2010) I pushed her to take part in a challenge called April A to Z challenge, and yes, she did complete it. When I suggested her to continue the challenge in May, she agreed to that too & she has already started putting pen to paper from yesterday (yeah, it was 1st May yesterday) and had a very astute beginning too. She might have problems with her net this month, but I’m sure she will do her best to give 26 masterpieces for her readers (yeah, that’s you!) again. Meanwhile, I (the amateur poet, Leo) have been given the very difficult duty of writing her 300th dream. (I’m sure you’ll find it difficult too to get a marvelous post for such a beautiful space.)

I have known this gal since October of 2008 I think. She’ll confirm of course, but I’ve not the comments to go back in time to confirm. I think her pen name that time was Dil ki Pyar (Love of a heart) but somehow, I think her name tells that more than that pen name so it was nice when she took up Yamini Meduri itself as her pen name. It took me a while to get back to her blog (a month I believe, but it was worth the wait.), a single read & I knew she had the talent to write bigger, better and any form she put her mind to. We became more close friends and we did quite find solace in each other’s friendship. We’ve been there for each other when one of us has been down. She also began to absorb the various forms of poetry that I wrote, and frankly, she does them better after that. I guess most of you would know by now that her favorite form of poetry (after free style) is Acrostic and she’s very good at them, even got awards from Acrostic Only for them. I wish she gets a lot of milestones like this in her future, for I see her taking her dreams onward to maybe 2000 posts (Yami, don’t you dare disagree! :P)

Her dreams are mostly poetry, so I don’t know if most of her readers (that's you by the way!) would be aware of her lovely stories. She keeps them hidden I think at her Desktops blog. Check the sidebar once in a while and head over there. You’ll leave with a smile (or a tear, if it’s a sad one) but you’ll leave wanting to come back. I’m also privileged to own fifty percent shares in our joint effort meme blog, Thursday Tales where we give a photograph each week for inspiration to write a story (if you’re a poet, we’re not fussy. But a tale would be nice…) All in all, she’s like an all rounder. She even has a group of friends working toward abolishing social evils, an active social worker she is. I hope all her efforts will be successful and we can see evils reducing at a good rate soon. I wish her all the best there too.

Finally, (yeah, I’m nearing the end. You can sigh with relief!) Coming to her as a friend & not a blogger, I’m happy I have such a friend in my life. Very few are lucky enough to have a friend in their lives, I’m happy to have many and one such friend is her. Jovial, smiling always, focused on her dreams… she’s the fighter. She won’t give up even if failure stared at her face, she’d just shove Him (or Her, I’m not sure of what gender failure is!) out of the way & continue moving forward. She’s a loving daughter, a caring sister& a very cheerful person. Keep working toward that 2000th post (again, no argument from you I shall hear!) and be the same gal you are right now even then. Don’t change.

Lots of love from this friend…



A very touching and moving story,
I am pleased you have such a friend. true friends are hard to find.Good luck with your friendship.


Yamini Meduri said...


thanks Leo...first of all i am thankful to god that my internet is finally connected today...I was worried all the day (even while writing xam) about the internet..Thank God it finally connected today..!!!

Leo...that was an amazing 300th dream dear...loved it..!!! thank you made it really very special...had a big smile all the while reading this post..!!!

you still remember my first pen name?? good yaar..i tho almost forgot it...thanks for reminding me..!! will be friend forever as you are not just a friend for me are my are my encourage me to the highest and you want to make me the best which cannot happen as you are already one..!!!

Abt the 2000th to do it...but will defly take time..!!!

Thanks dear...for you post and cheers to our friendship..!!!

Dear friend, our friendship always lives...forever and ever..!!!thank you dear...for being there always wen i needed...!!!

will never leave my Land of Dreams...!!!

Dreaming big
Yamini Meduri
From the Land of Dreams

Amity said...

Hi Yaminin;

Good morning from the Philippines...:))

T'was a very endearing post from a very good friend like Leo...and I remember when he did also a guest post on my first year anniv at blogworld! I could only smile..he's sweet as a friend you know...and I assure you, having him as a friend will never amount to any, so treasure it, because he proves his worth as a friend, in good and bad times, in sickness and in health, he will always be there for you!

Congratulations on this milestone Yami...:)) It's quite an achievement dear! Though am not a regular in your blog, please consider me still as a friend, too!

God bless and may you continue to write many, many more posts...because you are so talented like what Leo has told you na!

Smile... :)

adreamygal said...

Hearty Congratssss Yamini :D

Yamini Meduri said...


thank you dear..!!!

Yamini Meduri said...


thank you are defly my friend...whether you come here or are always there in ma heart..!!!

Yamini Meduri said...


thank you dear..!!!

Yamini Meduri said...


all thanks to you...thanks a ton dear..!!!