Dec 12, 2008


When the long dark hair is tied at the waist length
When those short hands are decorated with shining bangles

When the little legs play the music with anklets
When the cute body is lined with a colorful Lehenga

When the pretty eyes are in search of living dreams
When the cute ears wait to hear the nature’s hymns

When the sweet heart is just happy for everything
When the tiny mind understands the world

Then she is the little Indian girl
Certainly you are in INDIA…!!!

hi friends.....i am back from my vacation...and i enjoyed a lot.only thing that was missing all these days was all you wonderful people and this beautiful place. when i was happy to be back and check out your reviews.....i was honored with yet award from Vinay and Mithe. i am glad for having recieved it. and now i had to pass it on to eight others as the story goes this way.....

"this Award is given to a blog that invests and believes in PROXIMITY-nearness in space, time and relationships!!! These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. they are not intrested in prozes of self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers!! Deliver this award to eght bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly written text into the body of their award......"

To Start with, Vinay...Thank you tons for such a beautiful award.....

from my Land Of Dreams...i would pass on this award to.....

Hemanth.......he is a good friend to everyone he meets
Phoenix.....she believes in what she writes and so, very happy with her frnds
Mayank.....he makes me think with his posts
Preetilata....she is a different blogger with lovely thoughts
Surya.....he is special in his own way and cant be anyone else
Gaurav.....some one different all the time when he posts something
Prams...she is my best friend all since my childhood and best person indeed
Aneesh....he just deserves this for his presence

If anyone of you already recieved this award..then please accept it again...i love your blog and so is this award for you....!!!!




Anonymous said...

hmmm.....beautifully described by u yam......
this is the real beauty of any girl of india....if someone doesnt know abt indians beauty then defly by reading ur post they feel very eager to see these beauties.....
grtt post by uuuuu..........

Anonymous said...

It feels special dearie! Very nice, IT HAPPENS ONLY IN INDIA-this is the song that popped into my mind as I read your post-lovely!

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

so cute n sweet. i loved it. such a beautiful and picturesque poem yamu dear. well done. :)

n i loved d pics too.

thanks a lot yamini. i m honoured to be awarded by u. congratulations to u as well as all the others who are awarded.

thanks a lot yamini.


Sneha said...

Beautifully written Yamini.Your poem took me back to childhood.:)

V. Archana said...

ahhh.. nice words.
congrats to all of them who got the award :)

Anonymous said...

very nice... ur december month should be published as a small book i think!! :)

and welcome for the award...!! :)

Hemanth Potluri said...

beautiful poem was good to know abt indian gal though ur eyes :)...

congrats on ur award :)....

and thnks for passing it to me :)...its good to be ur friend


dil ki pyar said...


thank you dear...!!!
and the beauty of short girls too...kada... ha ha ha

dil ki pyar said...


thank you....!!!

you are true....IT HAPPENS ONLY IN INDIA...!!!

dil ki pyar said...


thank you...!!!

and congratulations to u tooo....!!!

dil ki pyar said...


thank you dear...!!!

dil ki pyar said...


thank you frnd...!!!

dil ki pyar said...


thank you frnd.....thanks for the idea...i have the similar idea as welllbut may be it takes some time...!!

and dear??? who will take it?? dont u think its just waste of money???

dil ki pyar said...


thank you dear...!!!

you are welcome but i am glad for being your frnd too...!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot for the award :)
i love reading ur poems and its one of the best :)

Phoenix said...

hey thanks so much... i didnt notice this before...

CHANDU said...

Ur right yam.Beauty can only be seen in indian .The nativity touches as beatuy.And u know Hyd is also havining a beauty....!!!Actuallyy i want evel his name but how ..,,,howw!! can one say his own name!!Gud yam gudd propm but me!!

yamini meduri said...


thank you...!!!

yamini meduri said...


thank you dear...!!!

yamini meduri said...


mothaniki nee comments size peruguthunde
thank you thank you

Aneesh said...

Hey, Sorry for the late reply..
Thanks for the award..
Well written portrait of an Indian Girl.

I wonder if it were in old india or its still there :)

surya said...

Sorry, for late reply,as u know I wasnt in this world of blogging at all for the last three weeks.

Thts a gr8 poem shows the identity of an Indian girl.

And a hearty thanks for ur award