Dec 21, 2008



Not just place for me
It’s my home, my world
City built for Love
Rebuilt with Technology

The lakes and parks, the forts and palaces
The pearls and bangles, The Biryani and Kawaab
The antique buildings, the famed Museums
The glorious statues, the IT Park

Its about my city, HYDERABAD
A cute and famous place in INDIA
The old accepting new trends
The new respecting the old ones

Be it cinema, be it the book exhibition
Be it the morning traffic, be it the night parties
Be it the special festivals, or own culture
My city is all special for itself

Known for the pearls and bangles
For the Hyderabadi Biryani, the Ramzaan Haleem
For the fashion world, for the traditional dress
For the Technology, for the native arts
It is just very beautiful and the best

The warmth of the souls, Budha Statue
The beauty of the hearts, Charminar
The refreshment of the minds, every where
It is all about the Happening Hyderabadis

I Love My City, My Home
For its presence in this beautiful country
Where life is all about “Unity in Diversity”
I am proud to be an Indian then a Hyderabadi….!!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! very nice post Yamini-sorry couldnot review the musical post on time. But really loved it too.
Continue O Indian
Thou art a true citizen!:)

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

wowwww... beautiful :)

Sneha said...

Lines appears to be straight
from heart.
Beautiful :)

Harshita said...

Beautiful :)

Hyderabad will always be my favourite city too.

The Solitary Writer. said...

shud say that u have covered entire thing abt hyderabad in this poem of urs

was a good read ...... :)

yes its rebuild with technology emerging as the next IT CENTER :) after bangalore

yamini meduri said...


thank you dear...!!! and no need to be sorry yaar....i am glad that you read it...!!!

you are a true citizen too for having loving the poem...!!!

yamini meduri said...


thank you dear...!!!

yamini meduri said...


yeah true...i love my city from the bottom of my heart...!!!

thank you..!!!

yamini meduri said...


thank you dear....!!!

yamini meduri said...

@Solitary writer

thank you dear....!!!
nad the IT space of Hyd is realy very beautiful...i feel like i am in some other world when i enter into it...!!!

i love my city...!!!!

Anonymous said...

this poem is a very nice....
its not long at all dear...

beautiful words for ur city...

yamini meduri said...


thank you dear....i love my city and it has given me everything that i have till date....!!!

thank you dear...!!!

The juggernaut said...

U have made Hyderabad even more special.
Again hats off to u.
I liked the stanza which tells the old one accepting the new & the new one respecting the old.
Although I dont know much abt Hyd.
But the two things I m obsessed with are Telugu Movie & Hyd Biriyani.
Now Hyd is proud of Yamini.

yamini meduri said...


thank you dear...!!!

i am glad to be a hyderabadi where everything is about love and care....but it finds hard when it gets into news when any terror attacks happen in our country.....

but still i am glad to be a part of the growth the city has seen in the recent past....!!!