Dec 31, 2008


India is not just about people
It is about the love they spread
It is about the traditions they follow
It is about the cultures they speak about

India is not just about the many states
It is about the beauty of languages they speak
It is about the colorful attire they wear
It is about the wonderful diversity they live in

India is not just about the special cuisine
It is about the spices they include
It is about the love with which they are made
It is about the care taken while preparing

All these special qualities make India unique
And all of them helped me write about it
Not once or twice but 30 times
Showing every beauty to me all the way...!!!

hi Friends.....this is it. i am done with my Indi Blog. all this month i was all the time thinking about my motherland and explored its beauty. i have never known before that India was this beautiful and a wonderful place to live in.
i thank each one of you for encouraging me and supporting me all the way. thanks alot frnds. i dont say that this will be my last post about India. i may post some in the future also.....!!!

i also wish to mention about Google images, Deviant Art for their support to continue my blog this efficiently.

i would also love to thank the special Mother, India for being so beautiful and diverse that helped me write about them.

i am planning to publish all these Indian Poems into a book...wat say???? i am in search of publishers. i hope it will be released soon...!!!


simply sur said...

Hey dear, beautiful one... Though I stay abroad but cant explain how much I miss staying in my own country! After all ur country is ur country.. Nothing compares to it!!
Happy new year!! :)

Anonymous said...

am proud of being an indian too...
hope u find ur publishers soon...!! :)

i get the first autographed copy dont forget...!! i asked u long back only...

happy new year yamini! :)

sukku said...

thats a beautiful one yam.....
i'm waiting for ur book yaar.....

defly u will be getting the publishers.....dont worry ur book will be a grt onee.......

a bit sad as it came to an end for the poems on our beautiful country...

nyways all the best yam....
nd i wish u a very happy new year

Hemanth Potluri said...

:) i to need a book :)..


Preetilata【ツ】 said...

wat to say dear... u hv summed up everything. well done and kudos to u yamini.

n yes ur work surely needs to get published. all the best for it. hope u get a publisher soon. before that keep writting. read as much as possible esp the renowned poets. try to xplore more new styles. one more thing what we all need is a good critic.

i love ur poems. u have talent n i want u to touch skies n i know u will go places. my wishes n prayers r with u dear. :)

Aneesh said...

You were able to post on all days without a break as you've said
What about mentioning the browser/PC you use for supporting your posts?
Just kidding

Yup! It will be great if you publish these... Go ahead. All the best

yamini meduri said...


thank you country is really beautiful...!!!

thanks for visiting my blog and keep visiting frnd...!!!

yamini meduri said...


thank you dear....!!!

yeah defly..!!! wishyou the same vinay...!!!

yamini meduri said...


thank you dear...!!!

emi kadu le.....i will write more..!!!

yamini meduri said...


thank you dear...!!!

u will defly get it..!!

yamini meduri said...

@Preeti Lata

thank you dear...!!thanks alot..!!!

yamini meduri said...


thank you dear...!!!

ha ha....i forgot them yaar....thanks for reminding me..!!!