Aug 25, 2011


"Hey darling" I was surprised to hear those words all over once again after 12 years.

"Hiii" It was louder and deeper that I felt...may be its true that when you love someone so much and dont get to meet them for a long time....even your cannot determine how to react...I realized it then when i met him then.

He is a true darling of my lovely grandpa :)

He brought me up amongst the greenery of the fields and cool breeze crossing from the distant hill tops...playing along the pure stream of was like living a dream in a wonderland.

I had to leave him for my further studies and career which made me live all alone in a distant world for almost 12years...I never got a chance to meet him.

Over time many things changed in my life and today, when I am about to get married,I couldnot miss his presence i am here and finally am with him.

"Dadu, I missed you so much..but being away from you i even had learnt so much..."I was lying on his lap living those good old days once again as the same little girl.

"Darling I always wanted you to learn everything in life and that is why i left you that day and till date i have been waiting to see you"

"Dadu, I met him an year back and in two days we are getting married"

"Darling I am so happy for you" he almost jumped from the platform on which we were sitting till then. "Such a great news you tell me now"...he was happy to heavens and the tears of joy came rolling down.

"Dadu, I have no one let in my life except you and him. I wanted to get married at the place where you found me when I was just a day old. He is coming here tomorrow"
His joy multiplied.

The day finally arrived.

I was in the best dress I could ever imagine in my whole life and was walking down the aisle with the most beautiful man in my life to meet my perfect man at the place where I was born and left to the world...Its a dream come true..!!!

Written for Thursday Tales..!!!


Margaret said...

Yes, special events do make us remember all the important people who have touched our lives. Our hearts never forget them.

Being Pramoda... said...

Very touching and true felt..;)

Tarang Sinha said...

A touching tale really!

Esha - People for the Blind said...

Congratulations!! Where are the pics?

Creativity!! said...

Touching Write Up :) Beautiful Fantastic & Heartfelt Write Up Dear :) :)