Aug 31, 2011


Wedding...a beautiful blending of two hearts, two lives, two hearts in way that the world identifies them as one...!!

This is my definition of Marriage...and now, when I am gonna experience the ecstasy...I design these Wedding Diaries where I can treasure all the sweet feelings as a memory for the future..!!

I have many things of the past to be included in the diary...but today is a special day...all the past for the next time :)

Today, we got our engagement rings :)..!!

When my mom asked me last week when I was in Pune, if its OK if she got the rings...I was confused...but said it was NOT OK and today, I feel so happy for having said so..!!!

Today, when we met and selected our engagement rings, it felt so special...!! It felt so good when I was checking out if my ring matches his'...Obviously yaar...Its HIM...I had dreamt all my life of him and today when he is beside, I have an ODD feeling :)...May be this is whats called!!!

Finally after wandering around three shops for almost 4 hours, we decided upon the rings :) that I have them with me...I realize that its just a month before the engagement now :) after a month...I will be all excited :)

P.S. Will upload the pics of our rings soon...the pic here is taken from the web :)


Being Pramoda... said...

wow.. what a heartfelt post!!

Enjoy ur moments dear ..;)

PS: Send pics soon :)

Admin said...

congratulations yamini...!!! am sooo happy for you..:)

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