Aug 2, 2011


Its already a month that I knew who HE is. Many things went on all these days but I wonder why didnt I ever share them here. No answer found. But now i have decided, not to miss any moment.

My land of dreams has always been so special to me in sharing about my dream boy. I wrote so many dream for him. Now that I know him, my dreams came true, I wish to share these moments too so that they remain fresh for years to come. He is gonna read them one day..!!

A life ahead
different it shall be
A new me
I feel I would be

no longer it scares
as its with you
no longer I think
as you are with me

give you shall I
what is unbounded
I give you my life
for all my love is yours


Being Pramoda... said...


I wish i had his contact; i'd suggest him this site of his wonderful gal of his life..:)

Jeet said...

awesome yam... no words to express... im very very very very happy for u..

u can dedicate these lines to ur dream boy....
Jab Se Dekha Tumko...Ham Toh Khoye Khoye Rehte Hai....

M Pax said...

Wonderful poem. Glad you found your dream guy :)

Swetha Macha said...

Awesome Yamini... Its very beautiful and heart touching.. :-)

sawan said...

u r getting married!! :D congratulations :)