Aug 7, 2011


Friendship...the best of all relations...!!!

Friends...the only people in the world who understand the true person you are and when you try to be someone else, they can read that too :)...!!

Friends...whom you love so much that sometimes you even fight with parents and dear ones...but never know the REASON that you love them so much...!!

Friends...most adorable creatures..!!!

On this friendship day, I wonder who my special buddies are??

Are they my childhood friends?? who have known me for almost 20yrs and have been with me all the way long...they have actually shown me what FRIENDSHIP actually is..!! To us friendship is not solving each others problems...but when we meet we tease each us friendship is all about laughing and teasing and enjoying...we may have many problems but when we are together we forget the rest of the world...!!! Are they my special friends??

Are the special buddies ...OCTAVES?? who have been my friends since six years and have been with me in every problem I faced...who have built in me the confidence to face Life and live it Queen size...!!! Octaves till date have been those friends who knew the true ME...they know what I do, think and believe...may be my parents also do not know me better than Octaves do..!! I sometimes feels, they are my friends for life...but are they the special buddies I am in search of??

Or are they my Pune friends??? who had shown me life in completely different way and have been with me like a family for two long years away from home...!! Pune friends have definitely shown me a new phase of life which I dint even know that it existed...they were the shoulder for me when i wanted to cry..and a hug to celebrate my smile was always are they the special buddies??

I think each of them have their own special place in my life and if I want to compare them, I may kill myself before getting the right answer...!!

F.R.I.E.N.D.S are always special in every part of on this Friendship day, I dedicate this post to every friend of my life whom I respect, adore and love to the fullest :)


Being Pramoda... said...

Hi ra.. very special post this is, i'd say.. i thought og writing such for the day, but i ended up with a poem; and u, most of the times write poems here and ended up writing a post like this..;) exchange..haha..:)

Enjoy ur days..;)

Deirdra Eden-Coppel said...

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