Aug 29, 2011


"Thank you"...we use this phrase almost everyday...!!

sometimes out of respect
sometimes out of love
sometimes out of formality.!!!

but a few days back, I realized that a "Thank you" from the bottom of your heart does makes a difference :)

Living in Pune, I inculcated the habit of thanking people for every small help that i got from them...!!!

Returning to Hyderabad, I carried this habit along bu one day it made me so happy for the same..!!!

One day i was traveling home in an auto Rickshaw...and when I reached my destination, i just got down, I gave him the money and said "Thank you Bhaiyya" and turned to leave.

"Madam ji" he called me back. I thought i gave less money and started to think i if i counted it right..!!!

But to my surprise, he returned all the money back and was smiling :)

"Kya hua bhaiyya??" I asked. (What hapened brother?)
"Madam, I have been driving auto rickshaw every day for the last seven years..I carried people of all classes and all ages...but you are the first one who thanked me for the same. It felt so good" I could feel the happiness he was then experiencing :)

"Madam, I will not charge you"
"But bhaiyya, I have to pay for your service"
"I want to remember this first thank you of my life, i dont want to make it regular. So for this time, dont pay me" he said this and left with a formal Hyderabadi Salaam :)

I really felt good that day....all the stress of the day was all gone..!!



Creativity!! said...

If I Buy Something, I Thank The Seller, I Thank The Rickshawwala, I Thank The Conductor, I Thank Our Maid & Thank All Those Who Render Their Service :) :) Its The Habit Which I Developed After Coming To Mumbai 6Yrs Back :) :) Even, I Do In MY Native When I Visit :) :)

Creativity!! said...

Touching & Lovable Write Up Dear :) :) Keep It Up Dear :) :)

Miss Sunshine said...

i know the feeling.. I always thank the rickshaw wala, auto driver anyone and everyone who serves us..

So what if we do pay them.. it's just a form of gratitude.. :)