Jun 8, 2011


I saw him everyday...rather he saw me everyday while on my way to college. His dark eyes never went off me until i board my bus. His ragged clothes turn dirtier each day but he never missed to find me each day. He never changes his place, never his smile.

"Dada why do you keep looking at me everyday??" I asked him one day.
He smiled but was silent.

After a few days, i knew the answer.

Its her daughter I remind him of. She killed herself years ago. She was abused by her 10 years elder brother first when she was just 7 and it continued for years. She bore all the pain but never knew whom to talk about it. One day when he turned as a Devil she couldnot bear the pain any more and the same day, she killed herself.

Her dad, this old man, cant fight his son for his lost daughter nor can he live in a world of such cruelty. He is fighting his life everyday waiting for death.

I was moved. I am lucky that I never faced any horror this way but I decided to be the helping hand to those innocent beings.

Today As I take the Gold medal as a Law Student, I take an oath in his name to save as many daughters as I can.

Written for Thursday Tales:Tales #62..!!!

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atlasshrugged said...

Wonderful read.

Delivered so much in just few lines.