Jun 23, 2011


As a reader I met
who encouraged
my pen to write
since my heart felt

As a friend he turned
sharing my li'l world
in my smiles and tears
A special blogger friend

He met his girl
turned a loving husband
their love is eternal
so is their joy

Today, he is a father
of a li'l baby girl
A happy moment
forever fresh

On this special day
I share this dream
to welcome the baby girl
to his extremely beautiful world..!!

P.S. Today, my first ever reader of my Land of Dreams, Hemanth Potluri became a father of a little baby girl...So, this is my dedication to Hemz, Lucky and their li'l angel...I wish them all the joy and charm in their lives forever and ever..!!!

1 comment:

Creativity!! said...

Woww! So Beautiful Fantastic Lovable Write Up Dear :) :)

Hearty Congratulations To Hemanth :) :)