May 24, 2011


Childhood is the sweetest phase of life. I think every dreamer here will accept this statement.

I had a pleasant childhood. A group of friends who were there for almost 12 years of school.
Every day we met and every single day and shared every moment in life. Today, some of these friends share a long bond of nearly 18years and in these years, nothing changed. We still fight as we did in our kindergarten days. This I realized today, when I met them in a party.

We taunt each other, we laugh out loud no matter whoever is around. We eat too many ice creams (as we did as little kids), we make fun of everyone in the group.

To me these friends are even more special. They taught me LOVE. I still remember the first day when I entered my class, everyone was looking weirdly at me (I was the tallest girl the class then), but soon they accepted me as one of their friends and this was 18 years ago. Today, they still pull my hair and pass comments about my little extra pound personality. It never hurt me with these guys, coz they know me since ages and accept me as myself.

Friendship is definitely never ending. I grows and grows and one day stops along with our breathe. Life has given me too many too good friends but my childhood buddies are the sweetest of all. Even octaves donot know me as these guys do.

Cheers to my childhood sweet hearts and long live our friendship..!!


Being Pramoda... said...

Nice read Yamini..

Childhood is undoubtedly the sweetest and friendship grows..always..;)

atlasshrugged said...

Love this nostalgic post.
I fully agree with you on this childhood part.
I believe, there is hardly any day when we didn't remember our childhood days.