Jun 15, 2011


She was the most beautiful bride ever. She looked amazing in her custom made Wedding gown and the pearl studded crown was holding the light veil gorgeously in place. The room was all decorated with the combination of pink and purple orchids and the air was scented with the best roses. It seemed like a perfect wedding day.

But she was tensed. She was marring her love of life whom she has known for years. But still, today she felt something different. She knew everything shall go well, but something unknown to us was disturbing her. He mom said, every bride has that feeling. Her dad just smiled when she told him.

She was looking out of the window, at the natural beauty but the smile was missing without her notice.

"Darling its time for us to join him" her dad opened the door.

She was not listening. Her dad called twice, but she dint turn back. Suddenly, a little rain drop kissed her cheek and she smiled. Her dad called her again.

She was then confused, whether to dance in the rain or to walk silently along the aisle and marry him. She was confused but decided to join him.

It was a happy wedding.

She did join him but they also danced in the rain as the happy couple.

Written for Thursday Tales...!!


dr satya said...

hey very nice ...........i was expecting something else

the thinking cupcake said...

awwww...a fairytale come true!!
if only life was that simple..sigh! :)

atlasshrugged said...

Light and short read. I think you have ended it abruptly.