Aug 5, 2009


waiting was never a happy thing to do
in this known land, for an unknown person
For his touch,for his love, for his care
for his support, for his presence

I wish i found him, just beside me
holding my hand, helping me walk
running along in the dirt of the roads
playing in the sands, out in the world

heaven must be a beautiful place
i always thought, day in, day out
When the world around was happy
i was in search of a soul happy for me

A lovely brother i always wanted to have
but never had one, for my own
for whom i am a princess
to me he must be the bestest friend


Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

i wrote something on these lines on my blog too.. do read it sometime..
i know how it feels.. big hug yams..

Cheer up
Kajal(the pink orchid)

aap humko bhool gaye? :(

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hi yamini,

Lovelyyy, once again..

Hope u will get him soon ..:)..;)

nenu abbaini ayyi vunte, may be ippatikalla neeku nee bestest friend dorikevaadu... emantaav???

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hi Kajal,

AM writing it on behalf of yamini..She is my cousin.

Actually, i read ur comment .. (Aap humko bhul gaye..:(..) ..

Hey, actually she has been undergoing a very busy schedule, and she is not able to blog regularly, as she used to plz wait fr some time..

She can not forget u, i know how much she gives for her friends..

Thank You!!

Yamini dear, just wanted to write it for u..and i have posted it in Kajal'sblog as well..


Suree said...

hey , this is my first time on ur blog ,and i am impressed...

can i be end of ur search :)

Creativity!! said...

Woww!!!!!! Fantastic Poem :D I Really Extremely Loved It A Lot :D Like To Have Your Comments In My Blog :D Visit Leisurely In Your Free Time :D

Pramoda, Nuvu abbai uninte inthavelku Yamini ku baaga unindi :P kidding :D

lena said...

you dont have brothers by blood only, right?
really a beautiful poem, dear :)