Aug 18, 2009


All these years, memories created

created with the bond we share
share of my life, is special with you
you made me smile, in my tough times

Times we chat, about everything in the world
world of poetry, was always our special talk
talk for nights, wait again for the days
days went on, leaving memories of special times

Times so special, were always with us
"us" is always what we are, not you and I
I cherish your friendship, your presence
presence that brings me happiness

Happiness, cheer, joy, smiles
smiles from the heaven, i gift you today
today as you celebrate, your birthday
Birthdays come each year, but each is special

Special gifts I may not give
give you, guess what i brought
brought from the angels above
above all, from my little hear

Heart-full wish, on this special day
day special to you, to me, to all your friends
friend, Happy Birthday, enjoy it till the end
end of the day, let me know how special it was..!!!

Happy Birthday Vinay....this is for you on your day...!!!

Friends..let me tell you about this special friend of mine. He is my teacher of poetry....he introduced to many forms of poetry...Acrostics, Haikus, Cinquains, Loops(this one), Fib, NaSaiKu, Sonnets, Nonnets and many more...!!! Besides all these, he has always been there for me in my tough times...helping me smile when i had tears in my eyes...!!! I can tell you....we are one such friends who make use of the smileys the most.....every line in our chat window is followed by a smiley....!!

This loop is dedicated to Vinay on his birthday...he has been asking me to write one loop since a long time...and here it is...written specially for him on his special day...!!

Vinay and Yammi...are the Smiling friends forever...!!!


Pramoda Meduri said...

Many more happy returns of the day to u vinay...may ur dreams come true:)

Hi yamini, wonderful loop here..Very nice dedication for a special friend...:)

Anonymous said...

Awww..thats such a Lovely gift for Vinu..:)

Loop poetry is sensuous and lovely!

Cheers to your friendship ..:)

Happy Birth Day Vinu..:)

yamini meduri said...


thanks dear...thanks for the wishes...!!!

yamini meduri said...


thanks dear...!!!

Priya Joyce said...

such a sweet post for such a nice guy here :)

loved that
happy b'day vinay :)

~PakKaramu~ said...

Pak Karamu reading and visiting your blog

Yellow Tulip said...

Many more happy returns of the day to u vinay...may all ur dreams come true:)

well said dear:)..hearty dedication:)..

Anonymous said...

hey yami! thank u so much for the beautiful loop dedication!

made my day! u r a terrific friend and we shall be friends for a long long time!

thank u to all ur readers who wished me here! thank u! :)

yamini meduri said...


welcome back here dear..!!!


yamini meduri said...


thanks for reading and visiting my blog friend....come back again..!!!

have good time in my Land of Dreams...!!!

yamini meduri said...

@yelow tulip

thanks dear...thanks for the wishes..!!!

yamini meduri said...


glad that you liked it vinay...!!!

let be the friends forever..!!!

long live our friendship..!!!