Aug 2, 2009


When our spirits need a lift

They are around as a precious gift

When our SELF loses its identity

They bring to us our inner beauty

When we feel alone, not fine

They are there with us to dine

When life’s hardship knock

They still make our life rock

When all the pain melts in our chest

They comfort us, make us feel the best

When we lose the key to our private door

They keep it safe, in their heart’s store

When we jump in happiness

They are there with us to create a mess

When we stand with a ball in the ground

They are definitely found somewhere around

When we want a hug of love

They are there with as a little dove

When we want to brighten our day

They are there with us, forever to stay

When we are lost under the sun

They get us back to the world of fun

When we still don’t understand who they are

They shout to us, still smiling, “FRIENDS WE ARE”...!!!!

Happy friendship day friends....have a blast today....and be the finest friends to me as the way you always have been...!!! Missing Octaves this time...I am seriously having tears in my eyes...but then, i think i dont have anyother option than juss living with this truth...!!!

As a gift to octaves on this special day, i made this video but then when i tried to mail it, it was not getting uploaded because of the i thought Land of Dreams will be the right place...and here it is...check out and friends, this is not just for octaves, it is for every heart that loved me..!!! Thanks for being there every time...!!! Have a Blast...!!!


Pramoda Meduri said...

Hey Yamini..

How beautiful ur thoughts are!!!

My first impression after reading those beatiful lines,It has everything and I really wanna see what u would be writing in addition to these lines and that too for one month...

I'm proud to have u my dear, Loved every bit of ur feeling for this particular post..

OCtaves..I know hw much u r missing them; Dont worry, they are always there fr you.

:) Prams

Priya Joyce said...

happy frndships day dear...

awwwww...lovely wrk agn dear :)

Arun Kumar said...

hmmm.... beautiful...
happy friendship day to you too...

the octaves... ur college gang??

Chinni Meduri said...

hi yamzzz....

gud work

i wish u a very happy friendship day
u r my first friend to whom i share everything

take care my friend
enjoy Ur LIFE
have FUN
enjoy ur spl day with ur spl one

Creativity!! said...

Beautiful Dear :)

Happy Friendship Day :D

Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

:) lovely lovely lovely.. :)

Phoenix said...

beautiful words and even more beautiful you!

wishing you and octaves a very happy friendships day

Mohita said...

Happy Friendships Day!

Blogsville is brimming over with friendship fever,I believe!

I just hope the magic continues to stay forever!

Anonymous said...

Happy friendship day!!!!

lovely thoughts!!
hats off to ur poems!!!

Cяystal said...

Hey Yamz,
Hope you're doing great.. sad that Octavians aint around.. bt lovely work.. wish you all the luck for life..


Surya Sudheer said...

hey yamini!

Its been long time I expressed something here and what a perfect day to resume it.

An awesome piece of writing from an awesome friend of mine. Would keep in my heart forever, this ur beautiful poem and your friendship

for u..from me said...

heyy..happy frndship day to u..nice post, n nice blog..i must say..u've cum up wid luvly thoughts..

Anonymous said...

i wonder why i become lost for words every time i come here to ur blog!

it proves that it is just brilliant ur poems! i see a plethora of comments above proving i am right too! :)

octaves r missing u too dear, but they are always close to ur heart and u r to theirs! a cherished freindship urs is and hope it shall remain always! :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely post..!

Happy Friendship Day yamz...yeah..wat a joy friends bring..:)

Hope & Happiness i see in every post in Land Of Dreams...:)