Sep 2, 2010


Before you starting to read ma tale...i want to warn you that it is a bit long as i have exactly 777 words tale..!!! Here goes my tale...!!


As dawn pierced her rays into her hut, she woke up with the same anxiety as every day. She ran out to check the footbridge and the entire smile had suddenly faded. She went back into her home and started her daily chores. She saw the bridge day and night every now and then, but no one understood what she was looking for.

He is 15years old now and from last 10 years he has been seeing his mom do the same thing every day. She never left their hut. He never understood what actually his mom was searching for. He asked many a times but had no answer in return.

………15 years later……….
She woke up the same way as before and went to check out the footbridge and today the smile dint fade. She was happy as heaven and tears of happiness rolled down her wrinkled old cheeks.

Her son who had just come back from the United States to see his mom who lived in the same old hut even when he earned enough to afford a beautiful home, was surprised to see his mom happy seeing the bridge.

He wanted to know what kept his mom waiting for 25 long years. He joined his mom and could see a lady in her mid forties waiting for someone eagerly.
The footbridge was abandoned years before and a sight of a lady amazed him.
He asked his mom who that lady was and her mom finally sat down to tell him the story.

Dear son, this is a story of me and the people you are going to meet today.

….25 years earlier….

“We shall meet here one day when we prove ourselves to the world that we are no less than many successful people today” Arnav said to the whole of his gang.

Arnav was a part of that group of people who met me every day for four years while in their college. I used to sell some fruits over that bridge when their college started. Over four years there were not enough passengers over that bridge but every day I had customers. That was this group of friends. They came to me even on Sundays when it was a holiday for their college. I love them as much I as love you. They were those young ambitious souls who departed one day promising each other that they shall meet on this footbridge again.

To me friendship means them. They were there fore each other whenever anyone was in need. They teased, they smiled, they laughed, they giggled and sometimes even cried only together. They enjoyed life to the fullest. Amidst all these they planned their careers, they had set their goals, they designed the path they shall move on. They lived happily for four years and so did I.


“Dear son The day they promised to meet again one day on the same foot bridge. The happiness they brought into my life faded. I was happy bringing you up, but even you were the gift of their smiles. They named you Khush and I call you only by that name as they were in your name.” She said with tears.

The lady standing there is definitely Ruchi who is one among the group. This must be the day of reunion. “But mom, how can you recognize that its her and not anyone else?” Khush asked her.

“It’s the white dress she is wearing with a smiley badge pinned to her chest reveals the identity friend. The group’s favorite color is white and each of them owned a smiley batch as the symbol of their group.” she rushed inside, opened a small box that was always locked. She opened it carefully and took out a small white pouch from it. He couldn’t believe himself to see the same badge with his mom.

“Khush, I am a part of that group and today as you can see, is our reunion day” she said happily.
Khush rushed to the nearest mall and got her mom the best white sari her mom can ever imagine and he asked her to get ready instantly and she did the same in little while. He pinned the smiley badge to her sari and took her as if a father taking his daughter bride to her wedding ceremony, to the foot bridge where by now all the group of friends already assembled.

“Your group isn’t really complete without my mom joining it” he announced while all of them turned to see who it was.

That was the moment to be scribbled in their lives as the epitome of happiness.

Thanks to MaNik for the wonderful pic that inspired me..!!!

Written for Thursday Tales..!!!


Anonymous said...

That was really a very sweet tale Yamini :) As I was reading through , I realized that somewhere deep down the story , it reflects the strong trust and faith you have on friendship .. And that , spoke volumes :)

HimaBindu Ikkurthi said...

hey yamini..the tale was really i was reading through i felt friendship was not regarding age and was jst showing a feeling like wen a union of friends are disastered for time period and they eagerly waiting for the day to meet and recollect all their past precious moments....especially reading this i remembered octaves, the strong friendship between...

yamini meduri said...


thank you me friendship is the best relationship in the has more loyalty than anyother in the world.!!!

yamini meduri said...


thank you dear...welcome to my land of dreams..!!!

in a way i dedicate it to the day of reunion of octaves...i hope such day is not very far enough..!!!

Anonymous said...

this made me cry ! it really did !

Ms.Meduri said...


thank you dear..!!

The Write Girl said...

A reunion is always lovely. I really like the characters in this story. Thanks for the inspiration for Thursday's Tale :)

Ms.Meduri said...

@The Write Girl

thank you dear..!! I love the charecters as well..!!! :)