Sep 24, 2010

My Brother...!!!

"Will Daddy come to take us home?" she asked him with all innocence filled in her voice.

"No dear, he has left us already not to take with him ever" he replied not knowing how to tell her that her parents died in an accident just a couple of days back.
"Then who will take us home bhaiyya? Its already getting dark here. I am scared." she asked him again looking at the dark clouds in the sky.
"Munni, I will take care of you till I am with you. I will take you home. I will get you ready for school and also play with you. So, never again ask about Mom and Dad. OK" he told her hiding his tears.
"Bhaiyya, will you also take care of my Guddi?" She asked innocently showing her favorite teddy in her hands.
"Yes dear. I will" he replied and kissed her.

From that day on, he worked hard to take care of his sister and their old servant took care of both of them. They studied in the same school and lived in the same home for years. Thanks to their parents who left them everything thats needed. Years passed and Munni never asked him about their parents again as she also understood that they are no more.

*********After 20 years, on the graduation day of Munni**************

"Now let us invite the Gold Medalist of our university. Ms.Munni Thiagarajan" the announcement was loud and the applause was louder. He sat in the crowd to see his sweet sister take the medal that she deserved.

He saw her happily walking towards the dias and that was a very special moment for both of them.
But before she took the medal and the degree from the Chief Guest, she took the mic to say something. He was curious and also happy to listen her talking to the crowd.

"Dear friends, Congratultions to all of you, including me for this wonderful journey in life. This day is special to each of us and may be thats the reason that you came here with your parents. But I have come only with my brother. There is a reason for it. 20 years before today, my parents died in a car accident and my brother never told this to me. He asked me to promise that i will never ask him about it. He took all the pain to take care of me. He is a special brother and I am proud that he is my brother." she announced and he was already in tears listening to all these.

"My dad left him and me when we were very young. But still even today I am known as Munni Thiagarajan. On this special day, I would want to change my name as Munni Vishwanathan and also request the management to give the degree to Mr. Vishwanathan, my brother" She requested the chief guest who immediately approved.

Vishwanathan had just tears in his eyes and a smile on his face. He moved proudly to the dias and kissed her again. He took the degree and walked with her back.

Amidst all these, Munni remembered that day when her brother kissed her while promising his life for her. She felt the love even more special today while he kissed her again.

Written for Thursday Tales...!!!


Anonymous said...

gal .. you always make me want to cry ! i can't coz m not alone :) Great post again !!

Amity said...

Oh Yami, i wanna cry...let me...:(

this is so touching, what gave u inspiration to write in this story line?


Ms.Meduri said...


thank you sorry for making u cry...!!!

Ms.Meduri said...


thank you dear...I am happy that it touched your heart...I am really sorry that it made you cry..!!

The storyline was a fiction...n no specific inspiration...!!!