Sep 28, 2010

MY Home-Hyderabad…Take #1

Wow…finally my Land of Dreams is hosting this new series about my home city…the city where I had spent 22 years of my life…the city which has seen me grow up and the city that I have seen transforming..!!

Hyderabad, the capital city of Andhra Pradesh, India. This city is special to me and to most of the people around the country. Diverse, colorful, happy, cheerful, developing, special these are the adjectives that define my city.

But what do I start with? The old city of magnificent Charminar, the purana pool, the Golconda fort, the Buddha statue, the museums or the new city of Cyberabad that has the IT hub HITEC city, the games village Gachibowli or the many universities or the always busy streets or the amazing street food or the biryanis and kebabs, or the amazing people where should I start??

Hyderabad is a place to be once in your life time…the reasons for this.... just follow this seriesand you will know... and yeah, you will definitely fall in love with my city too..!!!

But for now, I am leaving it here. Will be back very soon...with the amazing stories of my city, my home..!!!



How do we know said...

oh, u r a Hyderabadi too???? me 2 me 2 me 2! where did u live? Which college? Which school?

Creativity!! said...

Hmm...Very Much Excited To See Series of ur City :) :)