May 31, 2009

IF I FEAR...!!!

This post is an answer to the questions in the previous post...if anyone missed my previous post..please do read it before you procedd to read this...!!!

If I feared to fell
could I ever be able to walk
If I feared to fail
could I ever take a challenge
If I feared to loose
could i ever compete in life
If I feared to break
could I ever handle my'self'

If i fear the axe, can I be the shade
If i fear the thorns, can I be the beauty
If i fear the arrow, can I fly high
If i fear the rock, can I dance at the beach
If i fear the broken dream, can I ever dream

Whats special, if you cant be one
Life is good, Life is Great
Why do you have to sit and wait
Let's stand and walk along

Accept life as a challenge
Play it safe, live it the fullest
Play to win, you will defenitely
Life is the way you think it to be

Desire to Dream, Live to Achieve..!!!


Phoenix said...

well written and this truly shows what yams is made up off!! way to go yams...

Phoenix said...

thank god this time its me first!!

Phoenix said...

2nd and 3rd too! :)

PULKIT said...

very positive indeed! :)

Mayz said...

motivatin yamini...ur ooze so much positivity thats it surprises me at times

yamini meduri said...


thanks yaar...!!!!

yamini meduri said...

Congos on being the first dear...!!! are second and third too..!!!

yamini meduri said...


thanks bro..!!!

yamini meduri said...


i am always positive i get to live it...and to 'B'Positve is in my blood....(B+)...hehehhe...!!!

thanks anyways yaar..!!!

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Very fact very B +ve....:P

Sometimes life laugh's at us..when is that yamini..?

Chriz said...

i dream

i desire too..


yamini meduri said...


thanks yaar...and abt life laughing at us....i dont know yaar...coz my life is always smiling and never laughing...wen it does, will let you know ok..!!!

yamini meduri said...


thanks yaar..!!!

Live your dreams buddy..!!

Jeevan said...

What ever if may be - fear, let live and see.

Simple but interesting answers dear!