Apr 10, 2011


"Mom, why did they move away?" she asked her mom once again holding her favorite photograph.

Nancy was tired of telling her the same story from the past twenty years for some thousand times but Jenny was never tired of listening it.

"Jenny, by now you should get out of this. I know its painful but dear, they left long back and he never even left you a mail"

"Mom, why they move away?" she asked again, now tears filled her beautiful blue eyes and her pink cheeks turned red.

Nancy repeated the same story once again.

"Immy's family and ours was well knit relation where we stood for each other in all joy and sorrow. Until one day, Immy's granny became sick and they had to move to their homeland miles away to take care of her and her property as his mom was the only child."

Jenny knew this story very well and she waited for a message from him since she was five.
Back then she used to ask her mom "Mom, why didnt send me 'best wishes' for my first day school?"........"Mom, why didnt Immy wish me 'Happy Birthday' this year too??'...it went on..!!!

Though they were far apart, their friendship grew with her and she always thought that he also remembered her. she wondered how he would look like.

While the conversation between Nancy and Jenny was going on, there was a knock on the door and Nancy went to see who it was.

When she opened the door, she found no one but there was a bouquet of yellow roses left with a envelope attached. she took the beautiful fresh roses and opened the envelope to check out who it was. As she opened it, her eyes widened and tears of happiness rolled down her cheeks. She was joyous and was finding words to express it.

"Jenny..." she was screaming from the doorway.

Jenny ran down to the living room and saw her mom still standing at the door with her favorite yellow roses.

"Whats it mom?" she asked nearing her.

"This is for you darling. The most special gift that you got in years" Nancy handed over the roses and envelope to her.

Jenny couldnot believer her eyes to see the same photograph and a note signed by Immy within the envelope that read:
Those years spent here
I treasured all life
as it has you
my dear friend

Met many friends
some were good
some were better
'best' you remained

dear, best friend
I can ever have
waiting for you
at the place thats special
to just US

Lets meet
at the sunset
at that place
where our friendship

your friend

"Wow mom, its him. My best friend. Its a dream of life come true" Jenny was almost crying.

Jenny was all ready before sunset in the most beautiful dress and today she was stunningly beautiful. Her black radiant curls flowing as the cool breeze kissed her pink cheeks, her lips curved for that special smile.

She was waiting for him near the lake behind her home and as the horizon changed colors, as the birds flew back to their nests, as the cool breeze played with her curls, as the water in the lake was dancing at her feet, she was waiting.

As the sun set, she was excited.

"Jenny..." she heard...!!!

Written for Thursday Tales...!!!

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