Apr 30, 2011


Its not believable that its already 2 years that I completed my graduation and called myself "Yamini Meduri-B.Tech". Life has been completely different these two years.

I celebrated each joy
I played with colors more often
I laughed crazily
I cried for li'l reasons
I danced with joy
I celebrated life

Midnight coffees
Early morning idlis
Trying every cuisine
yet, cooking by self

Working whole night
and all day too
no sleep, yet still active
team was the inspiration

Walk @ 2 a.m.
playing UNO till 4 a.m.
making coffee @ 1 a.m.
sleeping till 12 noon

it was a life
different forever
will miss it
forever and ever

Pune was my home for two complete years, whre i was being "ME". No restrictions,no rules. I was enjoying life. Got some precious friends and had some weird ones too..but it was a learning each day...!!!

Life there taught me to take care of my"self" so that anytime in life, I can face it with courage.

Its 2 yrs already and now, its time to go back to my home (Hyderabad) and start another phase of life...!!

I left my city as Yamini Meduri--B.Tech
but now I join my city as
"Yamini Meduri"

Yes, am a double Post Graduate now ..!!!


How do we know said...

awesome! COngratulations!!

Sneha said...

Congratulations Yamini.:)

Being Pramoda... said...

Congratsss dear.. all the best for the new phase of life..:)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Happy double post graduation. :)

atlasshrugged said...

Very Nice . Really enjoyed all your nostalgic posts. It made me remember my time.