Apr 3, 2011


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25th june 1983

A moment when the whole Nation cherished and the whole world was looking at us...The
moment when I wasn't born
but I grew up hearing the stories about it from my father....There was joy around every time I heard it from him...Everytime I saw the pictures, I experienced happiness...but I was waiting for experiencing the
moment myself..!!!

After that moment, the journey of the Nation was joyous and in 2003, it was to reset the record once again but it didn't. I remember, during the 2003 game, I was giving my 10th boards and the final was a day before my Maths paper...Only God knows how we studied. While all this was one part, in 2007 it all ended even before it started...I was still waiting..!!!

02nd April 2011, the history is rewritten..!!!

A moment to cherish
for every coming day
A moment to celebrate
for every Indian

Win of a religion
that has no atheists
Win of a Nation
that grew with it

It unites the Nation
Every citizen fancies
one dream one victory
which came true

It happened once again
I witnessed it myself
Yet again, India won
ICC World Cup 2011

Wow..I experienced it..Now I shall tell my children about this day and I shall show them the videos and pictures of how I enjoyed the game specially amidst 1000+crowd of the same age group watching together in the College auditorium...it was the best day of my life...!!!

I never knew that one day I shall be tired of smiling...tired of cheering...tired of celebrating...tired of being happy...now this is exactly my situation...tired of smiling...as it was happening the whole day...when Zaheer and Yuvraj took the wickets and when Gambhir played one of his best innings, while Yuvi n my favorite Dhoni hitting the boundaries...wow it was LEGENDARY...!!!

The journey of the God of Indian Cricket has been a beauty...but today, the World cup added to his life...Sachin we will miss you...!!!

I think the victory was not just because of today's game...it started when the selectors actually selected
the team...It was a journey of being together as a team and carrying the single DREAM of the nation on their shoulders...and finally achieving it...!!!

Now, I am going to tell my children what it is to experience VICTORY of the NATION...!!!

the JOURNEY of a new story just begun..!!!

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The Fool said...

Already another BATOM post on cricket, eh? Just read one by SIS. The world cup victory has set the whole nation's imagination on fire.

Mads... said...

awsum lines..awsum post..proud to b an Indian ..!We won..we won..:)Yes, the journey has just begun..!!!

Geeta Singh said...

thats lovely :)

Someone is Special said...

Wow, it was kapil who made our nation proud and it took almost 28 years to get the cup back.. Once in 1996, we were put down my our own people and in 2003 we couldn't keep our nerve cool.. in 2011, the journey and dream of billion people has become true.. wow.. and yamini, mine is a dream a journey of the God of Cricket, the history, the cricket, he is more than a religion in India and yes of course he is Sachin......

Someone is Special

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Dear.. I wish i was thr with you, i missed on it :(.. i shd hav joined SBS hehe..:)

One of the best moments of my life tooo :)

ENjoyy.. thanks to team India..:)

Enchanta said...

Another ode to the enormous win!
So proud to be an Indian!

All the best!

D2 said...

The biggest thing to celebrate for all of us Indians. Well dedicated to our world cup victory. All the best for BAT.

lakshman said...

Yamini Well written.

Sureindran said...

I am extremely happy about the victory. And it's great to see you celebrating it via your version of "journey". Well written and I was totally attached to it.


Vinay said...

oh well, twas expected :D lot of cricketing journeys this BATOM..!

Here's My Blog-a-Ton Journey

Viyoma said...

Superb, the more we read , the more we want to read!!
Contagious is the Victory, that too after such a long wait.

Well written.

Nikhil Patokar said...

A post on world cup, what can be sweet than that....


aativas said...

Yes, that was a kind of typical journey!

Amity said...

Your take is almost gripping in a sense that, well I almost did not breath til I reached the end of your story! Maybe I could feel the victory you might be feeling when you wrote it! And who should not?

Very nice one Yamini!

All the best!

Rachana Shakyawar said...

I was never was so called cricket fan...but this time I learned skills of cricket from my hubby...n finally i got so interested that on the victory I even shed the happy tears looking Aaila Sachin The God!!!

So happy to see your post trying the best of the reflecting of the victory!!

Loved the post :))

~Keep the Spark ALive..

Vikram Pyati said...

Its a victory which none of us will forget, ever. Truly amazing..... and a very well written article as well.

Shilpa Nair said...

This brought back all the Nostalgia of my Childhood !!!!
I liked yours because it comes across as very personal instead of the newspaper articles-types I read at other places !

All the Best for BAT :)

Rekha said...

Very well written and though I am late, glad you posted on BAT.