May 15, 2011


A happy time for me…first reason,am back home. Its always great to be back home…!!!

The next is…its marriage time…no no not mine but my friends’. OMG…we never had so many wedding cards at a time in our home…everyday someone or the other friend or relative or an aquaintance is getting married…the whole family is too busy these days..!!

The marriages for which I am too happy about are coming this weekend…my two childhood friends are getting married on the 21st and 22nd..!!

Shanis and Swetha…my two childhood buddies are getting married. I have known them for almost 18 years now. We used to sit on the same bench for years, they are my sweetest and oldest friends. We learnt counting, hand writing, etc together and we enjoyed.

Shanis was too good in science. She helped me do my science home work while Swetha was good in everything specially Telugu…yeah I was bad in Telugu…I could say Swetha is my favorite Telugu teacher…!!

So you must be wondering what did I teach them…I taught them handwriting…yeah I was (am) good at that. I remember how they used to help me with the mat tables which I don’t know till date. Every memory of my childhood had these two special friends of mine..!!

So this May, my most beautiful friends are getting married…ofcourse to two different people…!! As they join the wedlock with their better halves, I wish them all the success and best time together through my Land of Dreams..!!!

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