Aug 13, 2008

I WISH...!!!

Into the world of beauty’s flame

I wish to enter as the spark of love

Into the world of love

I wish to enter as the spirit of joy

Into the world of joy

I wish to be the atom of smile

Into the world of smiles

I wish to be the one smiling

I wish to make others feel

The divinity of life on Earth

The beauty of the twinkling stars

The vastness of the blue sky

The freedom of the cool air

The innocence of childhood

Who will take it from me???

The magic of smile is waiting for u

So hurry up…!!!!



The juggernaut said...

Oh great one yaar.
U r really an expert in building the word net.
Frankly speakin ur this post bounce up my head a bit.
Hats off to ur creativity.
But I some how managed to get the msg in it.

sukku said...

wish ani rasave ente yamini already akada mention chesinavi anni neeku related ee soo special gaa ipudu wish antavu ente
already they are ursss
but really grttt poetry
well done

shashikanth said...

yamu i have no words 2 say bout ur word buildup
so plzzz forgive
dat am leaving ma feelings as comment