Aug 11, 2008

I AM SAD...!!!

Day after Days,
Night after Night,
The world moves as I stay still.
Staring at my plain dark bedroom wall.

Pain forever with me never leaving.
It goes with me everywhere.
Like my shadow,
Constantly there.

I lost my happiness
I lost my smile
I don’t know why but
I fear to face the world

I fear of being alone
But still I don’t know why I am alone
Still shredding tears
Still thinking about nothing



Anonymous said...

Ur feelings impresses!. when the love is with you, you are never alone. be with the love..


The juggernaut said...

Ohhhh dear
I swear, I m really findin it out very hard to write a comment over here, coz ur creativity have stunned me.
U r simply a genious yaar, a real genious.
Great work this time also dear.
N I really mean it.

jitu said...

hey u can still write better than this.......

n no more comments.......

sukku said...

yaar i am unable to comment on this
really it touched my heart
but u expressed in a veryyyy grtttttt wayyyyyyyyy
that a grt job done by uuuuuuuuuu