Jul 28, 2008


Thought about you and
Felt the feeling of strength
Knew the meaning of trust
Saw the beauty of love
Spoke to the angel on the earth
Found someone to depend on

U R the one I can hang out with
U R the one I can laugh with
U R the one I can share everything
U R the one I can lean on
U R the one I live for
U R the one I cant live without

My friend,
Be with me to share the extra mile
Be with me to have the great smile
Be with me to help me win
Be with me to accept me
Be with me to tell I am wrong
Be with me to be happy
Be with me to make me the best

U R he person on whom
I can always depend
U R my best friend dude…!!!


sukku said...

hmm yamini really u expressed in a very grt way.really a frnd like u only can express in this way.
hey frnds u now sumthng these lines explain abt my sweet frnd yamini.

Anonymous said...

hi yamini,,i feel proud to be ur frnd and UR my pride..I always be with u at anyplace leaving 2 places ie., canteen and a resturant becozz i am not used to vessel cleaning...but yamini superbbb raaa........I HATE ENGLISH becozz there is no other words mre than a AWESOME to expess such a huge innovatve feeling from heart....once again HATssOFFF raa....

my college life said...

hmmmm well.....a person can only write abt a friend wen they are having a good friend in thier life...hope you had all best friends...just add me tooo up in those buddies list.........plzzzzzzz

jitu said...

hey yam..it is awesome... now i came 2 no wat u think abt ur frnds,,, i wish all ur frnds be always wit u... keep it up....

The juggernaut said...

Hey great yaar I m sure u have made lots of ur frnds(including me)loyal towards ur frndship with this post yaar.
Dats wat I call the genious way.

shashikanh said...

yamu i realy dont kno dat ur confict level is dis high
2 say we ever cant get u

nd u have a great place in ur frens hearts