Jul 4, 2008

I AM.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am the light of the glowing sun

I am the charm of the twinkling stars

I am the smell of the blowing wind

I am the speed of the flowing water

I am the blossom of the beautiful rose

I am the dream of every human

I like for what I am

I like you for what you are

Love yourself for whatever you are

Then world will love you where ever you are…!!!


The juggernaut said...

Well well well u r simply great.
If u can hear my voice then it will complete silence.

Because now I m completely speechless.

dilmainhainpyar said...

thanx alot mr.HR
i always wait for u to see my blog
thanx alot
yamini meduri

sukku said...

hmmm thats truee yaarrrrr
really wht will we doo without uuuuuu???
without this grttttt writer!!!!1'
my godddd its mind blowing yaarrrrr

deva said...

Wow last 4 lines are awesome yaar

Gud, keep on writing ...............

dilmainhainpyar said...

thanx alot frnds