Jul 7, 2008


Sitting on the corner of my bed
I lay confused about everything
my future wants me to think about it

The clock beside me
Was striking every second
Was busy completing its work

The fan above me struggled a lot
To make me feel good
With its great refreshing air

The books beside me tried a lot

To ask what was wrong with me
By making a noise with their pages

But still I lay there thinking
About my dream
About my future

Suddenly something struck my shoulder
Then I saw my sister lying beside me
Smiling for the way I was lost

But still I was confused
Whether to listen to ma heart
Or think with my mind


sukku said...

haaaaaa y r u soo confusedd yaarrrr
dont get soo confused bcozz ur confusion may effect da world yaarr

The juggernaut said...

Hey dear
This time u have done some thin different. And as usual it is awesome.
But wat is this dat u r confused of.

dilmainhainpyar said...

hi frnds
thanx for u words
they inspire me alot

yamini meduri