Sep 6, 2011


Every color of life
chose you to shine
amongst all a smile
shines bright

Smiling beauty
I wish to call
but you are Phoenix
Rising from the ashes

Today as you cherish
another year spent
today as you celebrate
another start for life

Heres a small wish
from my Land of Dreams
to you, dear friend
I knew as a writer

May your dreams flourish
May your smiles multiply
May you be happy forever
thats my wish, dear friend

Happy birthday Raka..!!!


sawan said...

wow! birthday dedication to reksi!!! happy happy birthday reksi :)

kabhi hamare liye bhi likhiye ji :)

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi.. Happy B'day to ur dear Raka.. :) nice poem Yanimi...

Mad Kane said...

Lovely poem!
Madeleine Begun Kane