Feb 19, 2011


"All set to leave dear" he asked her as it was time for her to leave to enter a new phase of life that's just about to begin.

"Yes, Dad. we shall leave in other 2 minutes" she assured him from her room.

After the next two minutes, she has come out of her room, hugged her little sister and her mother and turned to her father with the luggage.

"Let's go darling its time" he said taking his part of the luggage and holding her hand in the other.

She wanted to cry but she didn't. This was her first time she is going away from home and is disturbed with the thought that there will none of them with her for the next 2 years as by then she will be completing her studies. She was atleast happy that her father will be coming to drop her at the new place.

With this her journey to be independent started and now after two years, she has learnt a lot in life and had enjoyed the new place and the new people around. She had dreamt new dreams and got all strength to achieve them. But in the meanwhile, the first dream of her, two years back shattered.

She always wanted to go back home after studies and be with her parents in her city but now she has to take a new train to a new place to work with new people. She is happy but somewhere in the corner of her heart, there is emptiness.

Now, sitting in the train for the new place, she is still smiling as she is a step ahead in fulfilling her dreams.

Written for Thursday Tales...!!!

P.S. this is not a work of fiction. This is my own story as my journey started in Hyderabad two years back to Pune and from here am heading to Mumbai (as I got my job in Mumbai)...!!!


Anwesa said...

Congratulations Yamini ! For this job and this new place -Mumbai. I've nothing to say except for "All the Best !"

Creativity!! said...

Hi Dear,

Hearty Congratulations :) :) I Too Stay In Mumbai :) :) yeppadaina ra mana intuku. u r most welcome :) Wish You All The Very Best Success :) :)

lakshman said...


Congrats, enjoy your new job, new place and new people.

Best of luck!