Feb 21, 2011

My Questions...Her Answers..!!!

Yamini Meduri:Why is it that I feel alone even when I am amongst a group of people?? :

ADreamygal: So that you realize , how much ever you are close to a person , a part of you is always alone and you should embrace that loneliness

Yamini Meduri: Why is it that I understand some people better that the rest??

ADreamygal: Because you truly love them

Yamini Meduri:Why is it that I am different??

ADreamygal: if you weren't , you would be one among the herd that's already over crowded :) between its only the truest and simplest soul always feel different , and be proud you are ! :)

I thank ADreamygal from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful comment for my previous post..!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my ! I didnt expect you would post it right here , i just wanted made an attempt to bring back the smile , but on the contrary you have given me so much smiles ! I should thank you now :):):):):):)

lisa said...

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