Aug 10, 2010


From the gates of heaven
I came here searching
for a person full of love
knowing not hatred

a connoisseur of Love
special feeling felt
when around
to feel it, am here

With God, I fought
none I say exist
created, He says
am here to find

Twenty one years later
realize, I do now
that she was with me
from the day one

lying in her lap
enjoying her love
her warmth, her care
I searched else where

Growing with her around
sharing every day with her
every minute I was searching
for her else where

My mother, an epitome of love
is just here, with me
in my little life
Dear God, I agree now

written for One Single Impression..!!!


gautami tripathy said...

great writing!

musty scent of love

The Write Girl said...

Warm, uplifting, and beautiful words here. One can only hope to be a connoisseur of love.

Amity said...

a beautiful poem on being a connoisseur of love, our mother...:)

i agree with in a sense that even when i am already old, my mother still has that attention and strictness in me like i am still a young girl, but i love her for that!

mothers are epitome of connoisseur of love!

thanks for sharing and taking part in this prompt of mine Ms. Meduri!