Aug 28, 2010

I’m the sister of Yamini Meduri…

And I’ve many reasons to be proud of being so. Read on…

** She is such a nice human being to stay with. To me, it appears as if she magically creates many positive vibes around her, which magnificently keep everyone happy and enthusiastic.

** She is the one and the only girl I’ve met, really, who does not like gossiping. I stress, being a girl she does not like gossiping, strange but so good.

** Yamini is one of those who are basically aim driven. Her confidence levels are so inspiring. Her love towards her life keeps her successful always.

** She has got quite a lot of friends. It is so nice to hear about them from her, especially Octaves. You guys rock!!

** ‘Akanksha’ the dream project for any person like me is being run by my sister, and I have no words to express why I should be proud of her.

So much to say, but I know, you all have known her and her kind heart from her posts. She is such a sweetheart to live with. The perfect definition of love she is, for me as a sister.

What I shall say about her writings? She has got a versatile style in fulfilling the poems. They mean absolutely fantastic at the same time they make much sense. You know it.

On this occasion of her 400th post, I wish her from bottom of my heart to step forward in life to reach her goals and aims. She is capable.

Dear, you are my sis and I’m proud of it, no words after this.

Ever Yours,

Pramoda Meduri

PS: Missing you badly here. Enjoy at home well and be happy as always. Keep smiling.


Hemanth Potluri said...

Congrats on the 400 th post Yamini :) .. It's another mile stone u have crossed :) .. And the wonderful post was done by ur Sis :) in such wonderful words .. And I totally agree with what ever she wrote :) and I am so proud to be ur friend :) and thanks for beingsuch a wonderful friend .. Have loads of fun back home enjoy with ur family :) .

Pramoda those were such sweet words about ur sis :) keep writing

Have a good night and gr8 Sunday :)


Ms.Meduri said...

hey di

thank you....thanks a ton for da post..!!!

n i never knew so much about me..n thanks for letting me know...!! as u waiting for the day to achieve my dream...!!!

Thanks for the lovely words once again di..!!!

Love you..!!!

Anonymous said...

lovely words from prams here :) a heart to heart write up fit for a milestone post.. looking fwd for seeing more milestone dreams in ur land, yamii.

happy 400th to u... keep writing..!

lakshman said...


Congrats! Have fun with Dad, mom and sister. Keep up good work.