Apr 4, 2010


People are dying
of hunger, of thirst
little children now seen
begging on the streets

The tired little souls
sleep hungry at night
never knowing if again
they would see light

Doesn't the regime
have the cognizance
of the dying world?
Will it ever understand?

Lets join hands
to help those little hands
to eat, to study, to play
and definitely not to Beg

Written for One Single Impression...!!!


Leo said...

a very important thing to be cognizant of... good job with the prompt...

hmm.. it felt like a prosaic piece written in verse, rather than a poem..

i applaud ur effort dear, but it is not one of ur best i felt.

Yamini Meduri said...


thank you yaar...even i felt the same..this poem is some how its incomplete..!!!

Amity said...

this is one social problem we should be cognizant with!

nice poem dear!

Anonymous said...

Wow..amazig blend of the concept with the prompt ..As leo said , i too felt this is more of a verse than poem ..but still you brought this socia evil very well !:)

Aayushi Mehta said...

Well said indeed! There's something we all can do, everyday, to help those kids out there, and its good to be reminded lest we may forget!

yamini meduri said...


thank you dear..!!

yamini meduri said...


thank you dear...yeah i told already na...even i felt something is missing in the poem..!!

yamini meduri said...


thank you dear..Yeah rightly said, we can do everything that can help them live a better life...but we dont thats the problem...we just say...we dont act..!!

Anyways thank you dear...thanks for visiting my Land of Dreams..!!!

Keep visiting..!!

SandyCarlson said...

If only cognizance would lead to compassion!

Yamini Meduri said...


thank you friend...!!!

Yamini Meduri said...


thank you friend..!!

Yamini Meduri said...


thank you friend...!!thanks for visiting my land of dreams....keep coming...hope you have a great time here...!!

Tumblewords: said...

A gentle reminder for those who have little cognizance! Lovely work!

Loch Rob said...

Thank you for reminding us of this critical social issue.

Carlos Gesmundo said...

Yamini--you have a good heart. Your poem says so. Now what to do about insensitive regimes...

Good wishes.

Yamini Meduri said...

@Tumble words

Thank you dear...!!!

Welcome to my Land of Dreams...Keep coming..may you have a great time..!!

Yamini Meduri said...

@Loch Rob

thank you friend...my pleasure...hope you will forget the seriousness of the situation again...!!!

Welcome to my Land of Dreams..Keep coming and hope you have a great time..!!!

Yamini Meduri said...

@Carles Gesmundo

Thank you dear...!!

We should work together to help those little souls live better..!!!

Welcome to my Land of Dreams..Keep coming and hope you have a great time..!!!