Apr 30, 2010


The zeal to dance
off the shore
never dies
of any wave

The zeal to rhythm
to the joyful music
never stops
of my little heart

The zeal to dream
off the world
never is down
from my land of dreams

The zeal to turn
at every curve
never can end
for every stream

The zeal to write
never ends
as my hearts speaks
from within to the world

through my LAND OF DREAMS...!!!

Written for April A-z challenge...!!!

Before I submit this post, i want to thanks some special people who made this challenge possible...!!

First thanks goes to Vinay aka Leo who brought me to this challenge and constantly encouraging me to write better...and then to Arlee Bird for conducting the series challenge..!!

A very special thanks to Shikha Sharma who gave me all the words i wrote for. she is my room mate and my best friend...Thank you Shikha..!!

finally april ends but the zeal to write doesnt..!!!



Words so very true, I would like to thank you for the pleasure you have given in your poetry. Also congratulations on finishing the challenge.

Enjoy your week-end.

Sneha said...

Full of life and refreshing.:)

Shannon said...

Great job finishing the challenge, great post sweetie!

arlee bird said...

Thank you Yamini, I'm glad you kept up your zeal to keep posting to the very end of the challenge. You did a wonderful job -- I hope it was good writing exercise for you. Hope you will have some final thoughts to post for May 3rd.

May 3rd A to Z Challenge Reflections Mega Post

Yamini Meduri said...


thank you dear...it was my pleasure..i njoyed writing too..!!

Yamini Meduri said...


thank you dear..!!!

Yamini Meduri said...


thank you dear...thanks a ton..!!!

Yamini Meduri said...

@Arlee bird

thank you dear..thanks a ton...it was definitely a wonderful experience..!!!

Many more months to go dear..!!!

yeah, have thoughts already for the D-Day...May 3rd..!!!

Insight-Jim said...

voww.. that was a beautiful expression of thoughts..
really impressive..yamini..
keep writing more and more..:)

lakshman said...


Congrats! Keep up good work.

Lakshman pedananna

adreamygal said...

Lovely !!!! The zeal with which you wrote for every special alphabets left me spell bound because of the simplicity of the words !! Too very good :D

Yamini Meduri said...

@Insight Jim

Thank you friend..!!!

Welcome to my Land of Dreams...Keep coming and hope you have a great time here..!!!

Yamini Meduri said...


thank you pedananna..!!!

Yamini Meduri said...


thank you dear...thanks a ton..!!!