Jun 5, 2009

Yamini…As I know!

A hearty family has gifted me this little angle called Yamini.
A beautiful village has allowed us to share a few of our precious moments.
The village is nothing but our native place and the family is Meduri’s.

Yamini is my cousin but she is nothing less than a sibling to me. I’m proud that I can feel her way, I can admire her thoughts and nevertheless for being her dearest sister. And I feel honored to be here right at the moment and to share my words with u all.

All of you know Yamini as she is today, but I know her since last 20 years. Well… 20 yrs is not so sufficient to understand a person though, as people keep on changing with every moment of life. Let me try my best to make you aware of some facts…Facts of her very own!!

We used to go to our native place for every Pongal vacation and that was the time for what we used to wait almost a year. I remember playing many a games with her and her sibling pavani. We have many more childhood friends in our village like lakshmi, rajini etc. Actually ours is a big family. I have 8 cousins, out of them these two (Yamini, pavani) are of my age group. So we used to keep ourselves busy in playing :)

Yamini used to cover almost all of our relatives houses in our village whenever she had been there. I used to stay away from such things... :) I was a bit reserved at that time but always wanted to be like her whenever people doubted me whether I could ever mingle with people. Slowly, time has taught me many a things and that is a different story all the way.

She has always been an active n energetic person since her childhood. Once I had been to Hyderabad, then she was around 8 years old. My other family members came to know that she had performed in her school day function, so every body around there wanted to witness it again. On our request she started dancing along with Pavani. I was truly mesmerized with the way she had kept herself involved in her dancing steps and most importantly in the expressions, those were awesome.

She used to be very talkative. Once we were playing a game with all of our family members in which she had to perform some one else’s character and she could do it extremely well as expected. When I was to perform, I was shivering all the way and could not even speak out a few lines in English, as I was studying in Telugu medium school. I was really inspired by her at that moment and wanted to improve my communication skill, Hmm… I did not even know what all about communication skill was!

There are many a moments to share with… but don’t worry, I keep myself restricted to few incidents!

Let me say the other side of her also…She used to be very short tempered in her childhood, but I don’t remember me fighting with her even for a while so far. She used to be very specific in taking food, playing with friends etc. She used to write letters very nicely and neatly. I still cherish the way she used to send a greeting card without missing a single b’day of mine, though I was not even wishing her on her day. She knew what I was and how I was. That’s the understanding that we have for each other.

To be frank, we were not very close to each other in our childhood. Our adulthood made us to surpass through few feelings which made us to come closer. And now we do confide and we do enjoy each other’s success. I feel I’m gifted with her. I love her for the way she can express her feelings in the form of little poems. I feel blessed whenever I see her comments for my posts. And the way ‘Octaves’ are running “Akanksha” is the one thing that always spur me to do something more to the society. For this work, the way they kept themselves impervious from their academic issues was stupendously good. I wish them and thank them as well. The whopping love that she has for “Octaves” is very much appreciable. I used to say her that if she was not a part of them she would not be experiencing such a beautiful days of her life. And now I’m exhilarated that she is going to share my days in Pune and eagerly waiting for her.

And that’s all from my side to say about her, the remaining is what u r well known about. I thank you all for inspiring her with your love and affection. Please keep encouraging my sister. I wish you would keep her updated with your views. I know she would do what all she could do for you.

And this is especially for u Yamini…

Dear, I’m with you every now and then
To know how much I can love.

And you move with confidence to conquer, never you be a step backward in your thoughts or aims, keep up the ethics and reach your destination with your ever winsome smile and easy going.

Life is all about experiencing the depths and winning the heights.

Thank you all for your time…

Sis, thanks for letting me to do this, I loved the time when I had to stir my past to write this.


yamini meduri said...


Thanks a ton yaar....i loved it soo so much...!! thanks yaar..!!!

and dear, your post brought to me those special days in our home and the way we used to run around with Rajini and Lakshmi...those are precious moments..!!

and the dance...wow i feel like sancing again yaar...i never knew that you like my dance,...I dont remember the last time i Danced..i am missin it...!!!

all these days were beautiful...but its gonna me the most beautiful time yaar...coz the two best cousins are going to be together na...!!! Lets Rock Pune...!!!

Thanks a ton for the post yaar...i am delighted..!!!

yamini meduri said...

me first...me first..!!!

wowie....second too..!!!

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

wowwwwwwwww...... what a post pramoda. loved every bit of it. thanks for it coz of u we came to know a lot more about our dearest yamini. indeed she is an angel.

i wish her all the very best in her life and yes as a friend i am there with her.

congratulations yamini. 1 more to go 4 200. wooohooooo :D


yamini meduri said...


thanks dear...Prams is dearest cousin with whom i am gonna live in Pune...we are gonna happy happy time together...!!!

yeah juss one more post.....!!!

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hi yamini ...

Its my pleasure re ..

Come soon :)

Lets rock!!


Pramoda Meduri said...

Hello Preetilata,

Thank you very much.

All the best to u as well.


Leo said...

two cousins far yet near,
have a bond so very dear,
memories so fond one writes,
of love lots & little fights.


Pramoda, that was beau-ti-ful! just like a biography of Yamii... glad you stirred up memories to write this post and told us so much about Yamii we never knew.

oh, and Yamii, now u have to record a dance and show us ok? :) even we, ur readers are curious to see that talented Yamii! :)

Pramoda Meduri said...


Thanks for your words and for your nice four liner...


Priya Joyce said...

u r so very special i don't think Pramoda had to thnk much to write this...words juss fall...


lOved to read this yaar :):)

Dhanya said...

that was so sweet! reminds me of the times I spent with my cuz :)

yamini meduri said...


thanks yaar...but Prams is so special and so, i think that is why the post was easy for her...!!

yamini meduri said...


thanks dear....wish to read frm u abt the days spent with ur cousin...!!!

Pramoda Meduri said...

@ Priya

Hai ... Thank You very much.

yeah, it took few minutes for me to frame the words, but i had to put my effort in sorting out the feelings and prioritising them.


Pramoda Meduri said...

Hello Dhanya,

Thank You.

Some memories are precious and they become more n more special every time u share them.


prajyot said...

cool post...

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hi sis...

waiting for ur 200th post and yeah, today is 7th my dear...

whrz ur frnd??


k ... take ur time.


yamini meduri said...


its done..check out..!!!

yamini meduri said...


thanks dear..!!!

Jeevan said...

I could feel how well this post might touch your heart yamini, filled with love and gesture. I wonder now what my cousins might think about me and what they would write if get an opportunity like Pramoda. I thank her to let us know about you, and I hope you people have fun moment together in Pune. All the best to you both :)

yamini meduri said...


thanks a ton friend...!!!

your cousins will defly write how confident you are....and how strong you are at heart...!!!

and thanks for the wishes.....we are gonna enjoy to the best..!!!

Pramoda Meduri said...

@ prajyot

Thank You.

Pramoda Meduri said...

@ Jeevan

Thanks for ur wishes..and its my pleasure to let u know about ur dear friend.

and yeah, we gonna rock here in pune..