Jun 17, 2009


Amidst the glowing rays of the sun high
I stepped carrying heartful of dreams
With the cool breeze flowing around
I saw the new place welcoming me

The little birds sung the welcome song
The soft clouds blessed me with the good wishes
The lovely trees danced in joy
Finally i am in the path of my goal

Hope my attitude helps
To reach the heights
That I planned to reach already
Hope everything goes fine

hi friends....finally i am back to blogging....and yeah, this is my 201st post....:)...!!!
I am now in Pune and the rest of the blogging frm now for the next two years will be frm this place....and friends, i have started my MBA....as of now i dont have enough time to tell u wat i am doing and how my life is....but i am looking to make out the best of my life...and i know i am wil...hahaha...!!!
bye for now....will be soon at your blogs...!!!


Sneha said...

All the best yamini.:)
and beautiful poem as usual.:)

prajyot said...

" I hope"
such a graceful word isn't??

Its a word of attidude in a person..!! its also a positive nature of showing that we can do it...

ANWESA said...

may ur journey b beautiful 4ever..
all d best...

Swetha Padakandla said...

hey yamz!
gud luck

stay blessed and this poem is very well written! :)


Dhanya said...

All the best Yamz :) Study well! And also... have loadsa fun!!

Dr Riya said...

hey.. nice poem..wishing u luck ahead in your life...

Huda Merchant said...

awesome!! Pune is a wonderful place..umm..i used to stay there..Im gonna go back soon in a year or so:( i miss india and pune alot...its great ure staying there!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Yamini ..

Gud Luck..:)..njoy ur stay @ Pune with prams.!
Hw cud i missed visiting ur land of Dreams so far ?..Oh boy.!..

Loved every thng on your Land..Will catch u soon !


Mayz said...

hey all d best n enjoy pune...its a great place...my fav city :)

Anonymous said...

wondeful 201st post !! perfecto :D !! Good luck yams !!

Priya Joyce said...

heyy all the best for ur life at pune..hope u njoyin ..

poem..lovely and beautiful !!

Chriz said...

welcome back girl..

all the best for ur mba.. new friends and new environment.. things should be all fine and good i guess. take care and keep blogging

AmitL said...

Heyyy..welcome back..was wondering where you've vanished..:)Congrats on the 201st post.

Anonymous said...

welcome to pune Yamini. i hope u njoi the pune city to its best. there is a blogcamp in pune on june 27. its a saturday.

check if u can make it.

And if u need any help abt pune, do let me know. i can always help u thru if u wish. i m just an email away.

Anonymous said...

hey that was sam

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Hmmmm..Another sensible poem from you....

Have a great life at pune..


Bhuvan Gupta said...

Hey this was a nice poem, I liked it