Nov 29, 2008


**HEY FRIENDS...this post is dedicated to the Dream Boy of my Best friend....she(whose name i cant take) is in love with someone (whose name i don't know...). she sent me her feelings and asked me to write something for him...and so is this poem. i was just speech less when i read those feelings of her to him. i knew her from four years and could never imagine that it is she who is feeling this way...i from the bottom of my heart wish that she would be successful in her love life and be happy with her chosen soul mate....!!! i request all of you to wish her all the very best for her future...!!!

Met you as a stranger
In no time we became good friends
I always had a smile when I just think of you
I never knew it was all love

A bond so strong, a hold so tight,
to know you’re the one; my ‘Mr. Perfect’.
A blessing sent from up above,
in you I’ve found my one true love.

I spent hours in the the dark.
The only places I could reach for comfort.
The only shadows that taught me to escape...
where no one knows that I am crying

I close my eyes to go to sleep,
but the first thing I see isn't the darkness
from my eyelids, but you.
I see your beautiful face, smile, eyes

I hear your laugh, your voice,
and you saying you love me.
The greatest words I never heard
Then I realize that it is all a dream

No way can I say.… I LOVE YOU
As I fear to loose your friendship
Which my heart can’t bear is your rejection
Which my ears can’t hear is your unknown answer

I will love you till the end of my life
Hoping you will know about my love
With that last breath I take
But never I will tell you about it….

**THIS IS MY 49TH POST...!!!***


ANWESA said...

d pic was too gud..n gud luk 2 ur frnd..d poem too was gud enuf..typically romantic..

sairam said...

awesome yamini!...wish her all the sucess.....

jitu said...

to whom ever it may concern.....i wish u all d best....

V. Archana said...

hmm.. :) gulluck 2 ur frnd to speak out her heart to her love.

congrats on ur 49th post :)

Anonymous said...

I am sure your frnd is blessed-with such a ice friend to accompany her. She has my good wishes too. Best of luck for the future. Nice poem Yamini:)

RiverSoul said...

So sweet of you to serenade those two love birds.
Nice pic and suits d template too.
Poetry is perfect.
Bless you.
Silent Recollections

Anonymous said...

hey yamini...nicely done...
if u can express someone else's thoughts in poetry so well, then u r great as a poet...

well done again!!

Phoenix said...

awww really sweet :)

tripura said...

yamini this is simply a great post....with great feelings about love.....

"mana vuhaki andhani alochanalu aa ammayivi......eppatikaina thanu love express cheyyalani and adhi sucess avvalani korukutunnanu........."

The juggernaut said...

Hi genious
The best way of putting the feelings in words can be seen in the poem.
Ur frnd will defntly get her dream boy if her dream boy will read this post :)
Any way good luck to ur frnd.
I m fine.
Hope u will be enjoyin also.
Take care dear.
Will miss u.

Hemanth Potluri said...

gud luck to ur frnd ...hope she finds the perfect love in the guy :)..all the best ..:)..


dil ki pyar said...

thanq dear....thanks alot

dil ki pyar said...


thanq sai...welcome to my blog....

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thanq ra

dil ki pyar said...


thanq dear...thanq

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dil ki pyar said...

thanq dear...thanks alot...

keep visiting my blog

dil ki pyar said...


thanq i really the POET??? i dont think so...

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thanq dear

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thanq swathi

dil ki pyar said...

thanq HR
i am obviously enjoying thro all these posts and comments....


dil ki pyar said...

thanq hemu....

venkat said...

good one....hope she suceeds

dil ki pyar said...

thanq dear...!!!

Aneesh said...

whose name i cant take loves
whose name i don't know? Interesting!
Well, All the best wishes from my side for your best friend. Let her dreams blossom.
'N nice poem too, well written for the love birds.
Congrats for your 50th post, Forgot to comment in the above post LOL

dil ki pyar said...


thanq dear...!!!