Jun 16, 2008


dear friend...!!!

If there were no tomorrow, so

I would like to tell you today

That someone will fill my life

Whose smile I cannot wait to see

Whose love I cherish above all else.

If there were no tomorrow,

I would want u to know

That he makes my heart skip a beat

Brighten my skies

Fill my days and nights

With stars, hopes and dreams

If there were no tomorrow

I wish I could see him

And let him know

That he is the greatest gift in my life

I’d tell him that I love him infinitely and beyond time

If there were no tomorrow

I fear to loose

The happiness

The completeness

And the passion before I found him

But still, I love him.


sukku said...

heyyyyyy thatsss simplyyyy superb yaar and really thats a pleasant feelingggg kadhaaaaa

The juggernaut said...

U r simply a uncomparable poet!!!!
Oh will u plz tell me where u get the knowledge to write such great poems. SO dat I improve my dull life.

kalyanchaitanya said...

Nice one..... :)

chinni.meduri said...

Yamu ,its a nice job ra. really its sooooooo nice

dilmainhainpyar said...

thanx every one
its really a great feeling to find u seeing my posts
thanx alot

deva said...

Hai Yamini

well u r a gr8 poet

i am feeling proud to be ur frnd

n finally

could i know who's dat lucky guy behind ur poetryyyyyy


he he he he

dilmainhainpyar said...

hi deva
i am waiting for himm too
i hope i find him soon and write something for him again

my college life said...

fren's are not born....but they are made for each other.....so keep on continuing making the chain of fren's.....but just remember 1 thing....gaining good fren's is easy but losing those fren's is hard...so always keep in touch with them.....