Apr 5, 2015

Its never the last..!!

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Tears of the little girl
for the toy lost
Cries of the young lady
as she leaves the family behind

Her first winning
of the race in school
Her every effort
to succeed in life

Together in joy
forever on grief
its her perfect mate
her special friend

Perfect with the delightful roses
Cuddling in its molten texture
velvet silky luscious creme
Its beyond his love

Ecstasy defined
as it softens and melts
embraces senses
dark or mild, sweet or bitter

On a sunny day, its dark
sweet in the rains
and hot in the snow
yet its never the last

Come what may
the size Zero shape
or the big fat tummy
for her, it's never the last chocolate...!!!

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Anonymous said...

Chocolate is indeed the best gift one can give to a girl. Nice thought. Best of luck. :-)

vanderloost said...

Enjoyed reading your poem. Well described the fetish for the dark daub.

vanderloost said...

Sorry, forgot to give the URL to my entry. It is here:

Very touching story. My entry is here


Vidhya Saravanakumar said...

Her all time support and gift is the chocolate. Best and sweet poem! All the best for BAT!


aativas said...

Well, Chocolate always lasts!!

Cifar said...

chocolate late beautifully expressed

My Blog-A-Ton Entry Raju'sChocolate

Someone is Special said...

Chocolate lasts forever Yamini. Very beautifully expressed. All the best for BAT!

Someone is Special - Life is a Chocolate

Ayushi Prateet Khare said...

Together in joy
forever on grief...

Can relate to every word...Loving it Yamini.