Apr 2, 2015


At the wake of the dawn
Awaited the mighty sun
For the moon to move
To spray its rays
For its his turn now

The pleasant moon
Lost in his world
Forgets the dawn
Rather trying to ignore
For it’s the beauty he lost to

His mightiness wins the war
And the rays fall on her
Her beauty shines in ray of light
Revealing her colors through the woods
Is it the luscious green or the scintillating blue?

He moves around the sky
From pole to pole to find her
As she runs across the timbers
He is mesmerized in her sight
Beaming out with joy

The day ends and the night falls
Sun sets and the moon rises
She is the most beautiful of all
The sight of her highness is a pure bliss
And if it’s the herds of peacocks
It’s a heavenly feeling

Written for April A-Z challenge...!!!

1 comment:

Prasanna Rao said...

Peacocks are indeed majestic and I guess the only kind where men preen more than women :P Nicely narrated