Mar 22, 2015

My First Love...!!!

You must have held me high
I would've laughed out loud
Turning pink out of joy
Up in the air, you taught to trust

You must have held me beside
With my finger in your fist
And stories in your words
Walking along, you taught to lead

You must have smiled along
At my words, plays and myself too
 Just by being there, some times to
Growing along, you taught to share

You must have seen me fall
From the swing once or the tree
Tears rolled down to touch your fingers
Pushing again, you taught to be strong

You were just around
Your eyes on me
Sharing, teaching, loving & living
My life as yours, you held me through

Dear Dad,
You are my first love
And shall always be
For its me, your little daughter
However grown up I may be..!!

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