Mar 8, 2015


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Dear world

Days and years passed on but I  could never decide how to start this letter but it's high time I write. 

I know how difficult it was for me to take this birth. None rejoiced nor act a fake smile. Every one behaved as if the world has turned grey only because of me. I tried showing them colours but shades of grey they decided to see. I was deprived of love... Still I learnt smile. the smile continued along with a struggle to live and be loved yet he held the upper hand each time. World loved him more and that wicked smile of him made me stronger..!!!Then it sunk in that all my life I am his slave but that's NOT what hurts more..!!

What hurts is...
when he  kills my little girl
When he denies to respect my womb
The sacred place where he took birth too

What hurts is...
When he hits me hard  
With a whip once, a leather belt other
He is strong he thinks, but who shall tell I'm stronger

What hurts is...
When he looks at me to satisfy himself
Abusing me physically
And more psychologically

What hurts is...
He treats me as a slave
To cook, wash and clean
To be abused like never

What hurts is...
My flesh, my kids take only his name
Are known only by him
When they joke about me and my family

What hurts is...
The pain behind my smile
Tears hid in my eyes
Anger filled in my heart

What hurts is...
Above all this, I can't voice my words
I can't whip him back nor abuse him on the streets
I can't kick him nor kill him

An ordinary woman

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Vinay Leo R. said...

Sad post but with a lot of truth in it, Yami. Well done.

Shreyasi Majumdar said...

Story if the common woman...well done. ATB for BAT

the little princess said...

after umpteen campaigns, this is still the state of affairs. Just today,read in the papers that a mother of 3 daughters killed them because she could not bear to be abused for not producing a son.

cifar shayar said...

the pain of domestic violence beautifully put into words,

My Blogaton Post Letter of A Girl

Aditya Sinha said...

A burning social evil well brought. Sad but its true!

Anita said...

Wish women never have to be subjected to such violence/abuse...
Sad but true.
Well expressed.
Best wishes for BAT :)

Megha said...

Can't voice? She can..
Abuse is not common in ordinary woman but also in rich and famous.. dont know what stops them from reporting the abuses..

Nice use of words..ALl the best for BATOM

aativas said...

Snapshot of Reality!

Someone is Special said...

Sad but a beautiful post Yamini! Keep writing for BAT!

Someone is Special