Feb 12, 2009


The sunrays woke me up,

Tickling my senses and my soul

to see those shining dew drops

on that little window, shining seeing me

the freshnessof the morning dawn

the blossom of the beautiful flowers

the enigmatic flight of the birds up there

the smiling nature, is what I could see

but it was not the same as every day

it seemed like everylittle thing was happy

the day was something special, I thought

then I realised it was really special, to me

for the first time, some years back

a little heart saw this beautiful world

now entering into a brand new year

the litlle heart is jumping with joy n happiness

I am glad to let you, dear friends

The little heart is mine, only mine

It is me who is happy and joyous

It is my birthday today…!!!!

***hello friends...today is my special day....its my birthday..!!!!***

***so lets not talk about the dream boy of this angel....lets talk about the angel herself..(the angel is me...;)...!!!)***


How do we know said...

Hey.. Happy Birthday.. my sincere wish is that you may continue to spread the beautiful love that this blog radiates, and may u never change.. may u continue to believe in love the way you do.. and may there be a Valentine this year.. God Bless.. and Happy Birthday again!

Sneha said...

Happy Birthday yamini .
loads of love
may all your dreams come true.:)

mayz said...

happppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!


tulipspeaks said...

happy birthday dear! may all ur wishes come true!


Hemanth Potluri said...

Happy Birthday yamini...:)...have a gr8 day :)..


surya said...

Happy Birthday Yamini.....wish we could have more and more emphatic writings from you.....

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday!
May God grant you his choicest blessings. You deserve the best
love ya-all the best, forever & ever:)

Anonymous said...

hey Yamini, lots of wishes and many many happy returns of the day :)

Anonymous said...

You might want to pass on a message to your favorite blog and its author if you feel you are smitten by him or her.

If you do feel so, then please do so on the Valentine day supposed to be the Blogantine day right here on my space:


The juggernaut said...

Happy birthday.
This is a great day because on this day a genious enter in to the earth to make it more beautiful with her beautiful works.



hey belated b'day wishes to you....hey just wanted to tell you that you are an awesome writer/poet...i am a big fan of yours...great talent!!!:)

yamini meduri said...

@Every one

thank you friends...i am glad for haing all your great wishes...hope they all work out for me..!!!