Feb 2, 2009


Dancing in the wind, my heart
To see you in the distant sands
Though I was waiting for you,
Your presence was a thrilling moment

I always dreamt this special time
When sunsets, we sit together
On the golden sands, happily
Hand- in-hand, making memories

I gently hug, be there secure in your arms
Look into your soft eyes staring at me
Then I wonder, if you are my angel
The Angel of Love in Disguise

Held tight in your arms, simply enjoying
I greet the moon, rising with the music of the waves
That precious moment, is a perfect bliss

When we breathe as one, our Hearts in rhythm

And my dear Prince, make me the queen of your heart
For your essence, your presence, your being is the best
Your whispers are gentle echoes, of my heart
Be with me, just let me say, I LOVE YOU…!!!!

***may be i will be post more about LOVE and my Dream Boy in this Month of Love...!!!***
***hope you will like them...!!!***

****by the way...hows my header?? i made it myself.....!!****


Preetilata【ツ】 said...

woww. how very romantic it is.

gosh it just took my breath away girl.

yamini's dreamboy... r u reading this? :p

what a beautiful poem to welcome the month of love.

looking forward to more love poems from u. :)

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

n yes i loved d header u. it's so very u n u did a great job. so very creative huh?

keep it up dear.

How do we know said...

Happy Valentine's Day dear! wishing u your Prince Charming this year..

Phoenix said...

hey not only is the poem cute... but the haeder is mighty good too.. and more on love and your dream boy.. o la la .. aren't i glad!!

V. Archana said...

hmmm.... somebody is getting more romantic these days,aah..aahh?? :D
or is it just valentine season's special postings? :)

Its a very cute and a very girlish header. nice.. :)

Hope u find ur dream boy very soon. ;)

mayz said...

beautiful as always n d header is really cool!!!!
n abt ur dream boy...waitin eagerly to kno abt d one who inspires these beautiful thots

Chriz said...

why is he giving a brotherly kiss in the photo... fireworks inclusive?

Hemanth Potluri said...

nice poem :)...i am very much poor in this love thing :P...so cant really say abt dream boys and gals :)....but the header is cool matchin the love month :)..


Cяystal said...

This is all that someone in love would want to say :-)

Mr.Dreamguy..pleease read this ;)
And needless to say--"super cute!"

Btw..do you want a niice header?
Just like a gift cos you visit Imaze so much ? :)

Harshita said...

Mmmmm...oh-so-romantic :)

surya said...

Thot of being out of this mood of febraury atleast this yr. but u brought me back into that mood. A very romantic poem indeed and of header need not comment,because its yamini who made it.

yamini meduri said...


thank you dear....!!!

i hope my dream boy is reading it....:D

thanks alot dear...!!!

yamini meduri said...

@How do we know

i hope the same toooo.......

thank you dear...!!!

yamini meduri said...


thanks a ton dear....!!!

yamini meduri said...


thank you dear....!!!

the thought of my Dream Boy makes me feel romantic...wat do i do...;)

yamini meduri said...


thank you dear...!!!

i am waiting to see him to....!!!!

yamini meduri said...


coz its a photo..!!!

yamini meduri said...


thank you dear...!!!

yamini meduri said...


thank you dear...hope he is reading it..!!!

andabt the header i wud love to have it....!!!

yamini meduri said...


thank you dear...!!!

yamini meduri said...


thank you dear..!!!

Ashish Kumar said...

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