Sep 13, 2008


I cried in the rain for a long time
I felt I was alone in the planet
The rain drops on my cheeks were warmer
The water was no longer tickling my feet
I didn’t feel the fresh cool breeze
But I never knew what was wrong with me

I struggled to open my eyes
I was afraid to look at a deserted place
I felt it difficult to breathe
I was feared to hear the silence
I found it very hard to believe that I was alone

Should I be happy that I am alive??? OR
Should I be sad that only I am alive???


sukku said...

its soo horrible to be like that yamini
my god..... i cant stay alone in this world...
but greatly said by uuuuuu
once after reading everyone thinks abt that life.....

V. Archana said...

hmm... that sound a little sad..but every feeling is necessary in life..
for both joyous and bleak experiences :) good posting :)

prajyot said...

always be happy in watever situations we face.
I know sometimes we fail to do even this,but TRY is something that cant be forgotten..untill we try till last,we cant give up

dilmainhainpyar said...

thanq frnds

i am happy to see ur feelings shared with me here. keep visiting my blog

The juggernaut said...

Hmmm genious is in a different mood.
Nicely articulated one.
The great thing abt u dat u communicate ur feelings nicely through your poems.
But next time I would like to see a joyful post from u.
Waiting for ur new post.

dilmainhainpyar said...

i know how horrible it sounds but still we are happy dat we are not xperiencing it

dilmainhainpyar said...


thanx for visting me dear

dilmainhainpyar said...

nice to see u visiting ma blog
be hapy and keep blogging

dilmainhainpyar said...

nice comment this time too
i thought to be something diff this time and so had writen it
u will soon read something exactly opposite